IO Report # 27 (2001-06-02)

This report was submitted by FA Absolutek


Internet Office News
The new IWATS ASP course was launched by TO Astatine. The course is located online at A great resource for anybody wishing to start learning the ASP technology behind such websites as, and the IWATS website.

Some people have been forwarding a Hoax email on a virus that supposedly exists in the windows utility "SULFNBK.EXE". Please read this to learn more about this false rumour.

The IO now has its very own EH News Letter archive online at All NL's are in Zip format now by your unfortunatly popular requests. :P

Internet Office Poll
The latest IO Poll is titled "What OS do you run most?", and can be voted on here.

Internet Office Websites Status
Internet Office ( - operational
EH Message Board System ( - operational
WebRing ( - operational
Images Archive ( -operational
VBScript IWATS Course ( - operational
Greeting Card Centre ( - operational

Emperor's Hammer Site of the Week (EH:SotW)
This week's SotW award goes to the Deputy Grand Master (DGM) website at done by our illustrious TO/DGM, Astatine.

IO/FA AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
"C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!"

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