IO Report # 33 (2001-07-13)

This report was submitted by FA Absolutek


Internet Office News
My CA:IO has developed an online version of Sabacc which can be found at Its pretty good so far, but Ari is open to "constructive criticism" via email to For his efforts, I have awarded Ari with a Silver Star. has passed some interesting milestones this week of which, the EH Message Board System surpassed the 35,000 total posts mark, the IO website surpassed 160,000 hits. Also of note, the EH Message Board itself, passed 5000 posts finally.

Just a reminded to people, that they should not use redirection because it pops up multiple highly annoying banners, some of which are inappropriate (ie soft porn banners). I'm trying to work through a problem with my web host right now, that is preventing my upcoming replacement redirection service from working. In the mean time, I'm not accepting SotW nominations from, and I would prefer people not use either as some people have problems connecting to those sites.

Internet Office Poll
These weeks IO poll is titled "What's the best solution for EH apathy/lack of participation?", and can be voted on at Thanks to CPT Darkfire for the idea :-).

Internet Office Websites Status
Internet Office ( - operational
EH Message Board System ( - operational
WebRing ( - operational
Images Archive ( - operational
VBScript IWATS Course ( - operational
Greeting Card Centre ( - operational

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week
This weeks EH SotW goes to the Palantir (A BHG thing) website at Pretty nice, lots of good content, and good graphics. Check it out!!! Congrats to Baron Kal-Ket ( on a most excellent website.

IO/FA AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
"C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!"

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