IO Report # 32 (2002-03-29)

This report was submitted by RA Mutilator

March 29, 2002

Internet Office News

The recently promoted (congrats boss) Fleet Admiral Ari will be on leave until the 5th of April. Please send any queries for the time being to CC'ing

Firstly, a Hawkeye update. As you may have read on the IO site, Project Hawkeye has ended with 17 of the 22 agents completing their missions over a duration of 3 weeks. Agents that completed the final mission will receive a medal and Certificate of Completion. The best Hawkeye agent was FA Kumba, who was therefore awarded an Iron Star, Platinum Ribbon, congratulations! The winners of the competition and more information, such as the credits, mission summaries and info about the Datapad tools can be found on the Hawkeye Aftermath Site which is now online. Lastly, a big thanks to all of the Hawkeye administration and development team for doing such a great job, especially to Ari who co-ordinated and compiled everything.

For those of you who can't be bothered to click on the hyperlink above right now, a quick summary of the winners and their awards:

Best Hawkeye Agent (IS):
COMMA/FA Kumba/SSSD Sovereign

TIE Corps:

1st: (IS-PR) XO/SA Astatine/CS-2/SSSD Sovereign
2nd: (IS-GR) FL-TCT-TCS/LCM Marcus Caine/Kraken 2-1/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
3rd: (IS-SR) FM/MAJ Prophet/Scorpion 1-3/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard

Other notable participants (IS-BR):
CMDR-ENV/LC Wes Janson/Phoenix/Wing XIII/ISD Grey Wolf

Bounty Hunter’s Guild
1st: (GP + 250,000 credits) PRM/Tad Taliesin/Commission/BHG -U
2nd: (SP + 250,000 credits) COUNT/Cathleen `Flann` Eilis/Dragon/BHG -H

Dark Brotherhood
1st: (GN) SBM Sterling (Sith)/Rogues
2nd: (SN) SBM William "MiSFiT" Flechette (Sith)/AED/Archanis of Taldryan

Other Subgroups
1st - Intel: (PoC-pl) TBA/Classified
2nd - Senate: (Statuette) CHS Slegr

The end of Hawkeye has freed up the Internet Office Staff to expand into other projects. AlexFoley is still working hard on "The Holonet Awards" which should be online soon. Keldorn has finished the IWATS XML Course, go check it out if you're interested in picking up and using XML. I have also begun re-writing the IWATS PHP courses that unfortunately vanished a while back. There is a strong possibility that more courses will emerge from the Internet Office.

Also look forward to a new issue of "The Holonet Journals" which is in the pipeline. Early contributions would be much appreciated. If you have an article, graphic, a site to review or code snippets, which you think would be of benefit then don't hesitate to send them in! All submissions to please.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's Site of the Week is the Avenger Squadron site (, yet another SOTW for IOA, RA Keldorn, congratulations!

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  • Nothing, Hawkeye was perfect!
  • More varied tasks.
  • Shorter entrance test.
  • More time.
  • Different interface.
  • More exclusive.
  • Less exclusive.
  • What the hell is "Hawkeye"?!


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