IO Report # 27 (2002-02-22)

This report was submitted by AD Ari

February 22, 2002

Internet Office News

This week Project Hawkeye was released to the public. If you haven't seen the site or taken the test, it's at We've received about 55 tests now and they have all been marked so far, and we have a nice-size pool of applicants vying for spots in the main stage of the competition which is set to begin March 3rd. Last-minute preparations are going on with the admin staff to get ready for this.

Unfortunately, some other happenings have been going on in the Internet Office. Just today/yesterday both CA:IO/VA Darkfire and IOA/FA AbsoluteK have resigned. This is a tremendous loss to the IO, since they were both very hard workers. Their constant cheer and good humour will be sorely missed by the IO Staff.

However, with Project Hawkeye beginning very soon, I am forced to choose replacements very soon. Command Attaché to the Internet Officer is a full-time position, and requires some work and a lot of ingenuity. Since a Command Attaché is usually the stepping stone to a Command Staff position, I will be considering each candidate very carefully. Following is a list of criteria for people who wish to apply or CA:IO :

  • Excellent HTML skills
  • PHP knowledge is a big plus, but not required
  • Lots of creativity + good English skills
  • Expected e-mail response time in 24 hours
  • Fairly active IRC presence
  • Must have designed EH sites previously
  • Must have good organizational skills.
  • Must have a clean HCI record and have been in the EH for at least 9 months.
  • The CA:IO will be in charge of organizing and editing The Holonet Journals as well as assisting me in various other projects. Also, helping run missions for Project Hawkeye will be the first duty of the CA:IO. You should include a URL of at least one EH site you've designed and you may include references/recommendations from up to 2 people. I will also select an IOA from the pool of applicants for CA:IO.

    As for what happens with EHNet, it will remain in service for the time being. AbsoluteK will be setting me up with an account so that I will be able to administer it personally.

    I expect to have a decision made by Tuesday at the latest.

    Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

    The SOTW this week is The Shadow Academy at Congrats to DA Mejas Doto (!

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    What do you think of Project Hawkeye?

    • Looks awesome, great site!
    • Filled out the test, hope I get picked!
    • Wow, an Internet Office competition, coolness!
    • Eh, mystery ain't my style
    • The test is too hard!
    • I'm too busy for Project Hawkeye
    • When will it be over?
    • If I take the test, will you give me a MoH?
    • You poked out whose eye?


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