IO Report # 46 (2002-07-05)

This report was submitted by VA Mutilator

July 05, 2002

Internet Office News

Firstly, a brief apology as to the timing of this report, I've been fiddling around getting DSL up and running for the best part of the day. Nevertheless...

Ari has taken leave till tomorrow (Saturday) - please direct any queries in this short period to me:, CC'ing

As Voice actors are still in demand for Hawkeye II and this is outstanding amongst the finished plotline and associated websites in development. If you feel the urge to participate, check out: As Ari stressed last week, the parts of pilot, trooper and research platform director are greatly in demand.

CA:IO "mydot" / is evolving nicely - the frontend is pretty much complete and now AlexFoley is focusing on content integration and customisation and I am trying to finish the development of an EH search engine to spider major sites. It should be stressed that the success of this project is largely dependent on feedback from EH members, who each have very different needs. Please make use of the forums, where there is a thread on this theme and also to the EHNet poll. I have decided to leave the poll this week in order to gather feedback etc. It also seems a shame to dismiss with the current number of votes cast.

I feel compelled for some reason, to plug the new PHP IWATS course (which is available online at, which everyone, should of course, go and take! I have begun work on a subsequent PHP/2 course, which will feature more advanced utilisation of PHP scripting, such as sessions, MySQL database access, functions, OOP and more. If there's something you feel should be included, please use the online feedback form or email me at has been more reliable this week and continues to host more EH domains. A reminder to all people with PHP scripts there that they have 9 days to modify any files so as they are not dependent on register_globals being enabled (bug Turtle or an IO staff member if you don't know what this means). There are now close to 200 handles registered on MinosNIC and 63 hosting accounts!

This week has been one of apparently relatively little IO activity. Everyone has their head buried in some project or other, whether it be related to Hawkeye II, EHNet or other assignments.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the Falcon Flight III site at Congratulations go to Darkfire ( and Kweeky ( on receiving the SOTW award with four stars!

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