IO Report # 89 (2003-05-02)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

May 2 , 2003

Internet Office News

An increasing amount of people have been registering for MinosNIC hosting accounts this week. I'd just like to point out that if a domain is in use by the rDB, you may notify me and I will tell them to remove their domain. EH sites take priority over rDB sites.

If anyone is using an email address and requires a new alternate, please contact me with your desired username and password for an address. This is not recommended for Outlook Express users.

An update for SquadFirst was released this week to version 1.3. Users who already have SquadFirst installed should download the 1.3 patch, but those who want a fresh install can download the 1.3.1 version which improves the install script over 1.3, and comes with an uninstall script. SquadFirst 1.3.* includes a modification of the competitions display on the sidebar as well as support for the Infiltrator Wing. AD Leeson is currently investigating the expandability of SquadFirst for the HF and DB. More to come as it is available.

I'd like to remind everyone about two useful Internet Office services that not many people take advantage of: the EH Counters Service ( and the EH Code Archive ( The Counters Service provides webmaster with free counters for their websites (SquadFirst users: In order to put it at the bottom of your page, you need to insert the code into the footer.php file of your theme. Don't touch it unless you know what you're doing, or have someone that does). The Code Archive is an exchange where you can find helpful code snippets and post your own for other EHers. The Code Archive features my famous PHP XML parsing script which can easily be modified for your needs.

Some new EH websites to point out: the Directorate's temporary site is it ; the Security Office's site is at ; and the BHG's main website has had a brand new overhaul which you can see at

Needless to say, the Internet Office concurs with Grand Admiral Ronin's decree on the banning of rDB members due to the provocations that led to such. While rDB Minos accounts are not being deleted (without proper notice at least anyway), NO rDB member may sign up for a new account; it will be denied. If you are found registering under an EH identity for the rDB, not only will you be referred to the Security Officer, but you will cause me to begin deleting existing rDB accounts.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the brand new design for the BHG site, by Jernai ( at The Internet Office expresses this as a token of its appreciation for Jernai's service to the BHG upon his retirement, and thus presents him with the award of this 5 star site.

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Internet Office Poll

Does EHNet need a new design?

  • Yes, it needs an Alex Foley look
  • Yes, it needs a Keldorn look
  • Yes, it needs a Kweeky look
  • Yes, it needs a Miack look
  • No, I like Natalie's midriff just where it is


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