IO Report # 81 (2003-03-07)

This report was submitted by AD Bevel Leeson

March 7 , 2003

Internet Office News

The Internet Office started to check TIE Corps websites to see if they follow Internet Office Regulations.

FA Ari is on leave untill Sunday.

Two new templates were released for SquadFirst earlier this week and more to come in the near future.
If you find any bugs in the SquadFrist code don't hesitate to contact either me or FA Ari.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW award goes to the House Auctoritas site at Congrats to OW Jacen Aylen ( on his 4 star site.

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

Which SquadFirst template is the best?

  • The original one
  • TIE Defender theme
  • TIE Corps Collector's Edition
  • I don't like any of them


In Service of the Emperor's Hammer,

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GSx2/SSx3/BSx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR-1SW/LoC-Rx1/CoE/CoL/LoAx2/OV-2E [LANC]
Command Attaché to the Internet Officer of the Emperor's Hammer
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