COMM Report # 10 (2024-07-09)

This report was submitted by COMM/FA Jarek La’an/CS-3(a)/ARQ Herald

Communications Officer Report

Communications Officer Report #10
Fleet Admiral La'an, 9 Jul 24
Welcome all to another COMM report, double figures after 4 years isn't much of a boast but probably reflects the fact that most of you see and hear from me on a near daily basis. I've been pleased to see a steady increase in communications across the SO and TC servers, as well as an enduring effort in the HF and DIR to keep the lights on.

For this report I'd like to again commend the general membership for the positivity and patience they've displayed since my last report. The Star Wars fandom is often intense in their reactions to new lore or series and the current run of The Acolyte has sparked a lot of discussion. While some corners of the internet have effectively caught fire or become more toxic than most chemical plants I'm pleased to note a lot of nuanced, considered conversations and civility have been the order of the day here!

In terms of interventions as an admin I've had to step in on average once every 10 days, usually for relatively low level issues that are quickly resolved, with more serious admin issues being (thankfully) rare. I'd like to see this low level be maintained (or lowered!), but I would equally like to thank the BGCOM/QUA and CMDR/BTL community for their perseverance and selflessness in engaging with and managing issues at the lowest level as they arise. This extends to a great many of the members as well, but the extra expectation placed on those in leadership positions to take positive action and maintain standards is something they do despite the potential for friction. On a slight tangent, we've seen a recent increase in the number of accounts on the server approaching peers by DM to offer commission graphic services - this is a widespread scam and I'm grateful for rapid reporting of it to myself or another admin, allowing us to quickly remove the offender.

Finally from me, all EHCS MoCs are up to date where the role holder doesn't hold a dual profile within a subgroup that would be awarding MoCs already. I'll admit this was the first time using the MoC tool on the site and it proved intuitive and extremely useful - many thanks to the IO! Other than that, normal business prevails and I am readily reachable on any of our severs or via DM. I'd welcome any thoughts or comments from anyone in the wider community and am always happy to chat.
Platforms and Policies
All members are reminded of the importance of following the agreed EH Code of Conduct, an up to date issues of which can be found at EH CoC

The primary platform for communications within the TC and wider EH remains Discord, with the TC, SO and HF maintaining their own servers. All are official EH channels and per the above all members and guests are expected to maintain the family friendly, positive environment that we've been able to sustain. Any individual wishing to join in with the conversation need only select the link or type into their browser - use of mailing lists continues to dwindle, so continued failure to use Discord will only limit your ability to understand or take part in the club's activities.
Closing Thoughts

If there are ever issues or concerns, questions or feedback, all are welcome to contact me directly in any of the EH servers or simply DM me - the infrequency of reports doesn't tally with the daily presence of the COMM and other admins, so never feel like any of us are unreachable or unable to assist with any issue. Until then,

End transmission.

FA Jarek La'an
COMM/FA Jarek La’an/CS-3(a)/ARQ Herald

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