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The Dragon

Written by: Setch Dreskar and posted on: Jun 4, 2007

     The man sat at the computer screen, data streaming all along it in an unreadable pattern. He had been at it for hours and had found nothing in the entire archives pertaining to a ship known as the Dragon. He couldn’t even find word of its supposed commanding officer Serkolin, or even where it had been constructed.

     “Search for Imperial commanders at the Battle of Endor” Just as the computer began to scan through the data he noticed something interesting. A name came up that seemed oddly familiar, Captain Nilokres. Serkolin was an obviously crude attempt to disguise himself.

     “Computer focus search on Captain Nilokres, including all data on combat performance” It took the computer only a matter of moments for it to display the needed data.

     “Captain Nilokres, Imperial Commander of Reverence an Imperial Class Stardestroyer, fought as a junior commander during the clone wars, was promoted to Captain during the Rebellion, fought at the Battle of Endor where the ship Reverence was destroyed from Rebel attacks, condition of Nilokres unknown likely KIA, no further data.” The computer whined in a distinctly female voice.

     “Display all combat servi-“

     “Unable to comply, missing data.” The computer spat out before he could finish. He sighed and leaned forward thinking for a few moments.

     “Display all crew manifests during the Battle of Endor for the ship Reverence” Immedeatly 1,650 names scrolled across the ship, an abnormally small crew for an ISD. One of the names came up unknown, the rank next to it said Governor.

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