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The New Regional Governor

Written by: Miles Prower and posted on: Aug 8, 2007

"Regional Governor." A fair skinned, blond woman in a dark blue uniform-like tunic said. Beside her, a brown haired man in Imperial Navy uniform smiled. He had the rank panel of a Squadron Commander on the gray duty uniform. He held a case of medals in both hands. "And I thought the battles ended in the Corps." he said. "Looks like there'll be new battlegrounds."

"Only instead of fighting with lasers and concussion missiles, it'll be with words and paperwork, Miles." Maria Rebecca Prower said and smiled. Miles Prower nodded. "And we'll be together again, as a family on Ghenna." He relaxed slightly and let his right hand slide off his medal case and put it around the shoulder of his wife. "Even if it is a penal colony."

"Don't take it as an excuse to run off and join the Hammer's Fist." Maria smiled playfully. The forty year old former TIE pilot shook his head. "It'd be boring. Our Stormtroopers are the best fighters in the galaxy. What bunch of Rebels, pirates and smugglers could stand up to them, eh?" He slowly raised himself off the side of their bed. He left their room and heard his heels click against the floor of their living room, where his desk was tucked away at a corner. He sat down and powered on a slightly outdated computer terminal. The text was green against a black screen. But it was still COMM capable. The technically adept, former squadron commander of the SSSD Sovereign's Athena Squadron brought up the Comm program and looking at the rest of his desk, waiting for modules to load, picked up a sheet of notepaper.

'Hey there Shooter. How's retirement keeping you? Wife killed you yet? I hope not. Otherwise, who'll mix the drinks when I come around? Anyways. I heard that the Directorate's accepted you as Regional Governor of Ghenna. Congratulations. I'm sure you'll do as fine there as you did for me and the rest of the Sovereign when we were flying together.

And Shooter...see if you can shoot back a paper letter. So what if COMM is free? It's just words floating around in netherspace. Remember when we once toured the Naval Museum? When we saw the remains of the ISD Agaemmon, where all the pilots wrote letters?  The words actually had feeling when they had a physical presence. What's a measley 4 creds for nostalgia eh?

Yours Truly,

Admiral Viper Predator, your former Wing Commander and leecher of free beer."

Miles faintly smiled as COMM finally came up. Notepaper can be for personal communication. But when it came to Imperial business, it was COMM all the way.

A new message came up.

"Regional Governor. Salutations. There will be a shuttle waiting for you at Spacedock to take you to the Sovereign. The Sovereign will let you and your family off with their contigent of prisoners and new administrators during penal management duty.

I hope you and your family have a safe, uneventful journey

Sincerely yours
Viscount Farrin Xies, Governor General of Ghenna.


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