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"Teren Rogriss, please come forward"

Written by: Teren Rogriss and posted on: Nov 10, 2007

Teren Rogriss looked out the window as the shuttle exited hyperspace. Far ahead of him laid the planet of Hades, a world devoid of atmosphere, both scientifically and culturally. Teren remembered graduating from the Directorate Governor Academy only a fortnight ago. The grand hall filled with people of importance. Of which, supposedly, I now am. His mother, seated towards the back, beamed proudly (a rare sight) at the beginning of her eldest son’s career in service to the Emperor’s Hammer. The Grand Moff’s speech was now a blur in his mind, Teren only retaining the moment in which his name was called by the Minister of Education. “Teren Rogriss, please come forward.” Teren recalled his nerves as he shook the Minister’s hand. Finally after years of study Teren was anxious to begin his life of service to the Emperor’s Hammer. Then he was assigned to Hades.


Hades, the hell-world, consisted of nothing more than rolling molten seas and a supply of vital war materials transported to the naval yards in orbit. The planet was divided into four domed villages of approximately fifteen thousand people, populated by miners who lived dull, inconsequential lives. When enrolling in the Directorate Governor Academy Teren had not pictured himself as a Regional Governor of Hades.


The shuttle continued to move slowly towards the planet Teren would now call home. The red dwarf star Diablo prevented a quicker route. This is nothing like my home. Born on the planet Corulag into a loyal Imperial family Teren’s life had been turned upside down by the defeat at Endor in which his father died. Captain Joak Rogriss had perished when his Imperial Star Destroyer Vehement was destroyed, as was the order he fought to maintain, plunging young Teren’s life into turmoil. His Uncle Sair had taken had taken the Rogriss clan to the relative security of the Emperor’s Hammer territories before getting himself killed fighting the Rebels under Ysanne Isard. The eldest child of seven, Teren had inherited the responsibilities of Family, his mother Leonia forever changed by the untimely death of her husband.

 The young man frowned, remembering his mother’s opposition to his dream of fighting for the Emperor’s Hammer TIE Corps as many of his friends had done having completed secondary schooling. A keen yet unsuccessful sporting competitor during his teenage years, Teren had excelled instead in the academic area, captaining his Kalona School’s Debate team to an Auroran Championship. This had naturally led to a place at the Directorate Governor Academy and then to here. The shuttle finally began to descend to the planet’s surface, slowly entering the volatile atmosphere of Hades. Sitting still determinedly Teren vowed to do his best in the service of the Emperor’s Hammer and get off this hell world as soon as possible. He was looking forward to it.
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