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The Hunt by Lord Kalin

Written by: Fratus Sinister and posted on: Feb 1, 2008

The Hunt


Governor Kalin watched as the shuttle retracted the wings and begun its landing procedure on to the massive space station orbiting the planet called Hades, he had returned home. For the last few months he had been governor General of Ashtar, while there he had been plagued with many problems, the least of which was the RG’s had refused to work with him. Fearing he had lost his touch, he had contact the Grand Moff and requested reassignment, he took a step back and became a RG of Hades once more, it was here he became the GG of Hades and where he had made many new friends. In fact his old LG was his new boss. Feeling the shuttle landing skids impact the floor of the hanger, Kalin un-strapped him self and grabbed his carry-all, thanking the pilot, Kalin headed down the ramp and was greeted by a sight he thought he would not see for a very long time.


            As he gazed through the mag-con filed at Hades, he thought back to the first time he ever laid eyes on the planet, nothing could live on the planet, with its temperatures, and sulfuric air. Turing towards the lift, Kalin headed towards the quarters that were given to him, GG Sinister had decided that a Baron deserved something better then a RG’s quarters. Knowing he had to check in, Kalin had a deck hand take his stuff to his quarters while he headed to once was his office.


            When Kalin entered the office, he saw that the GG was not in but his aid had orders and information for him. Thanking the aid, Kalin headed towards the lounge.


            Sitting down with a mug of café, Kalin entered his access code and watched as the message form GG Sinister appear on the screen.

 Greetings Kalin,             Welcome back to the planet of fire and brimstone, I know we are going to have a lot of fun in the coming months, however I must apologize for not being there to welcome you back, I have been called away. I know you’re just settling in but a situation has risen and I need the best on it.             One of my former RG’s a Roniel Dussel has decided to defect or leave the EH, he was in charge of certain projects and has since cleared the system of all data, he has since left the system and his whereabouts’ are unknown, except a few instances where he was spotted boarding unknown craft’s. He must be caught, I have no idea what secrets he may have taken, it appears he is very good at covering his steps; also we have no idea if Roniel Dussel is his real name, you know the drill, any means necessary.  GG Sinister  

            So, his first task and it was a hunt and grab, and anything was aloud, short of killing at least till the trial. As Kalin sat back on the com-form chair, he began his process of seeking out the traitor.

   The following are the steps that I Baron Kalin would take to insure the capture and execution of the traitor Roniel Dussel. 

Step One: Locate any and all family members he might have, once located I will have them imprisoned for aiding and abetting a known criminal


Step Two: Put a bounty on his head, while utilizing my own contacts to hunt him down.


Step Three: Cut off all his sources of known income, freeze any assists he might have which could assist him in invading us. Once these are cut and removed, he will seek out other sources of income.


Step Four: Limiting the amount of out bound traffic as well as searching each vessel traveling out side our system.


Step Five: With his income and source of traveling removed, he will be forced to locate other means of travel. This means we can hire our own pilots which will be paid to accept his offer; once this is done we can capture him.


With his family, income and means of transportation removed, Roniel Dussel will have no choice but to locate other means of travel and income, he might even try and contact his family or former friends which might be willing to help him.


After his capture


Primary Hearing: Hear he is charged with Treason, espionage, theft of top secret documents, evading security forces.


Trial: Here we will hear witnesses, arguments for both sides, family pleas for mercy.


Verdict: The verdict will be read, on all charges Roniel Dussel, has been found guilty on all counts.


Sentencing: Roniel Dussel has been sentenced to death, at 1215 Galactic Standard time, will be executed by being placed on the soil of the planet he once served, Hades, this will become his tomb.

  After six weeks, Roniel Dussel was executed, the shuttle carrying him to his death left the hanger at 0330, no media, no family, just the GG of Hades as well as the remaining RG’s watched as the shuttle lifted off. Two hours later the shuttle returned, blacked by the flames of hell and brimstone, according to reports, it took only a few seconds for him to succumb to the sulfuric weather.
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