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An Address to the People of Osiris

Written by: Yaro Altor and posted on: Feb 11, 2008

(The following is the winning submission from the Insanity x2! Directorate-wide competition)

  My citizens, today is a day we will not soon forget. The bane upon our peace and serenity has hampered our patience, but has not nudged our strength. I beseech you, my friends and neighbors, to stand behind your government in these trying times.

A few individuals within the government, whom we have all known and trusted for some time, have become deranged and unleashed this trouble into our society. We do not know the exact reason behind their loss of sanity, but I can assure you that their behavior is not indicative of the type of leadership or spirit behind my office or anyone under my command. 

Your monetary and moral support in the past has enabled your police and military forces to protect you well. Because of your backing, our defense forces have captured these characters, whom are now all being brought to justice. Now is the time that we see the legal system working to its greatest extent. You have not forgotten your government, and because of that, we have not forgotten you.

I understand that there are still a handful of escapees from the mental asylum in the city, but do not panic. We have directed all of our defense resources into this task and are working tirelessly to ensure the security of the populace. You will notice in the coming hours a large number of defense outposts around the city. These may be used as a safe haven in the event of an emergency as well as a source of continual information about the situation. Additionally, as a measure of precaution, we are asking that anyone who sees any suspicious characters anywhere within city limits to please contact their closest defense outpost so that our forces may eradicate this threat to our society.

Again, people of Osiris, you have stood by the Empire through thick and thin and we have seen what sort of glories that can reward. Your cooperation during the following weeks will help to bring this situation to a speedy close.

Long live the Empire.

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