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First asignment, part 1

Written by: Roger and posted on: Feb 15, 2008
The hall had erupted to the sound of applause at the Minister's all too brief speech. Waiting for the silence to return, she took a breath and began to read through the list of names, pausing after each as the new Governors moved to the dais to collect the warrants professing their newfound authority and the rank slides and code cylinders marking their new position.

Finally, the Minister of Education came to his name. "Roger, please come forward."
Kaarl rose - although a little unsteadily - and walked forward to the lectern. Smiling at him, she shook his hand leaning a little forward towards him. "Congratulations, Roger... I knew you'd make it through fine." She leaned back away and handed him the warrant commissioning him as a Governor in the Emperor's Hammer Territories and the various insignia of that office. Walking away, Kaarl couldn't help but smile a little... all his hard work had finally paid off.

As his eyes drifted over the document reading it's content, one word stuck out. Gehenna. A shiver ran down his spine, the one planet that was not on his list of planets to be stationed on. Though outwardly calm and composed, he had no doubt that the Dark Jedi who were the Grand Moff could sense his discomfort.

"Now, how to figure out a way to get out of Gehenna and not getting frozen solid to that gods forsaken planet." He hated cold and ice, absolutely hated it.

He had packed his few belongings and gotten on the shuttle that was taking him to Gehenna. There were a few other passengers that were going to the Setii system, one of them was the new regional Governor stationed to Osiris. A classmate who got lucky."I hope he gets seasick!" Kaarl thought whilst smiling a friendly smile in the chaps general direction. "I have unfinished business on Osiris." He had a few contacts on Osiris already in place, though as to how willing and able they were to do his bidding, that was an entirely different matter. That one of them were able was beyond doubt, the other were to inexperienced to be of much use save as a distraction, "Though he might prove me wrong, I think I'll make it a test for him and see how he handles it. If well, he will be Guardian instead of Protector."

As they approached the System Kaarl stepped forward to the pilots. "A word of advice lieutenant, get us out of Hyperspace as close as you can to the planetary shadow of Gehenna, that will speed up the time needed to travel to it . Once in the shadow we can make a micro jump in to the planet."
The pilot looked at Kaarl, "You've been here before I take it, that was a new way to me."
Kaarl smiled and let his coat open slightly, revealing his light-sabre hanging by his side. "Yeah, been here a few times."
The effect on the pilot was almost comical. "Right Sir, I'll take us in as close as possible, Sir!"

Only a few hours later the shuttle landed at the orbital station Hinnon, Kaarl was expected and was shown to a small set of rooms. He sent a message to the Governor general, to let him know that he had arrived, and then took a much needed shower.

He put on his blue jacket and the matching jodhpurs finishing it off with his best black riding boots. He looked in the mirror as he pined the insignia of Regional Governor on his collar and noticed that instead of the usual light green, his eyes had taken up the dark blue colour of his jacket and the glint in them rivaled that of the sparkle from the sapphire in the ring on his right hand . "Hm, goes quite well with the suit." Now he just waited for the call to see the Governor General and to start his work.

A chime sounded at the door alerting him of a visitor. When he opened it he found an aide to the Governor standing outside.
"I'm so sorry sir, but the Governor is on Osiris attending a conference", the man blurted out. " I have been sent to tell you to go there as soon as possible."
Kaarl sighed, "When does the next shuttle leave?"
"In 18 hours sir."
"Very well, I'll take it then." Almost as an afterthought Kaarl asked, "Since I will be here for some time, I'd like to visit the Complex. Can you arrange a shuttle that will take me down there? I'd like to see what can be done to get the ore extraction more efficient."
"I'll see to it at once sir, I can have a transport ready within the hour."
"Good, send me a message when it's ready."

The aide took off and Kaarl started to change into more cold protecting gear then his smart looking outfit. As the message came he briskly walked to the hangar bay and went on board the transport that was to take him down to the surface.
It was only a short trip and he soon stood in the chilled out hangar bay of the Complex. Meeting him was one of the guards who came to attention and produced a smart looking salute. "Sir, welcome to the Complex. What can we help you with?"
Kaarl shivered in the cold, Take me to the office and get me all files on the production and organisation of the prisoners. I'll need to see the medical files as well."
The guard looked a bit nervous as he heard the request, "Yes sir, if you will follow me then." he turned and started to walk towards a series of turbo lifts.
Kaarl could feel the unease oozing from the man, there was more the met the eye here."I will have to be on my guard" Kaarl thought.

The office Kaarl was taken to was warm and almost cosy, a workstation and was set up and he tossed the heavy coat over the back of the chair and sat down. Entering the code to get into the system he logged in and started to skim through the data. He soon found that there were indeed a drop in production since the upheaval a few months back, not that surprising given the extent of the damage. As he turned his attention to the medical files, his forehead wrinkled and his eyes narrowed. This did not look good, many of the prisoners were low weight and suffered from scurvy.
He did a search for any prisoners with medical training and found four, two doctors, one dentist and one nurce. "Good, they will make this much more easy." he thought.
"When are the prisoners fed?"
"Eh... " The guard looked at his timepiece. "In about 20 minutes sir, why do you ask?"
"Just asking." Kaarls smile betrayed nothing of what he feared. "Have these prisoners brought here at once will you" The tone in his voice offered no chance of argument, the guard looked even more unhappy then before.
"Yes sir, at once!"

10 minutes later the four stood before him, Kaarl was chocked at their appearance. Thin, and clad in clothes that seemed much too big for them. None to clean either Kaarl noticed.
"Greetings, I'm Regional Governor Kaarl Roger." He paused to study their reaction, It seemed as they did not even care, but there was a spark of curiosity in the eyes of the woman. "Good, she was still unbroken."
"I have been looking through the files here and found some things that needs to be addressed. What would you say if you were to go back to your professions instead of labouring in the mines?"
The woman's head came up with a start and here eyes looked directly into his, as if she tried to read his mind. "You would do this.. why exactly?" "Sir" She added almost as an afterthought.
"With the Shortage of qualified doctors and medical personnel due to the war, I was thinking to set you four up to run the medical facility here." That got their undivided attention. "You are all more then qualified to run the operation of such a facility and from what I can see from the records you are needed."
A wry smile played briefly over Kaarl's face, "You won't get any pay though, but you will be able to help your fellow prisoners at least. Now I believe that it's time for lunch, shall we?" Kaarl stood and looked at the guard. "Lead the way, I wish to inspect the food."
Kaarl noticed that the guard paled, but he had the good sense to do as he was told.
After following the guard for over 15 minutes they came to the prisoners cantina, only slightly warmer then freezing it was a cheerless place but that did not seem to bother the prisoners gulping down the stew or what ever it was that were on their plates. Kaarl walked up to the canteen that contained the food. "I will now sample the food, a plate and a spoon please." The guard that was serving the prisoners looked like he wanted to be anywhere but were he was but did as he was told. Kaarl took a spoonful and.... The taste was not to his liking, barely edible. Kaarl almost gagged. "Hm, what's in this, or don't I want to know?" Kaarl noticed that suddenly the cantina was deadly silent, all eyes were focused on him and the guard serving him. "Take me to the quartermasters office, I think I'll have a small chat with him." Kaarl voice were several degrees colder then the temperature in the cantina as he marched after the unhappy guard.

A single blaster shot was heard as they were closing in on the office of the Quartermaster. "Coward, he took the easy way out it seems." Kaarl thought as they burst into the small office. The body was sitting n the chair and the wall behind it had a new reddish grey colouring to it. Kaarl looked at the computer that was on the desk in front of the sorry remains of the former Quartermaster. He took it and turned to the guard, "See to it that this mess is cleaned up, and those four are to work in the Med bay from now on. Is that clear?" The pale faced guard snapped to attention and blurted out a "YES SIR!"
Kaarl went back to the office and sat down to read the files on the computer, some of them were encrypted, but from what he could piece together it had been a black market operation. Food meant for the prisoners had been diverted and sold, even so the calorie intake for them were less then it should be for anyone working in such harsh environment. In order for production to get up to standards they should have at least twice the amount. He started to type a PM to the Governor about the improvements necessary to step up production.

PM to the Governor General Miles Prower of Ghenna.
Regarding improvements in ore production.

Sir, I have done a visit to the complex and found that ore production was diminished due to several small factors, such as:
    Insufficient food. Resulting in the deterioration of the strength and health of the workforce.
    A black market ring which has involved the Quartermaster of the Complex, who unfortunately killed himself before he could be questioned.
    A lack of med care for the prisoners, resulting in the death of some of them.

I have the following suggestions to improve the situation.
1. A new Quartermaster, that will not sell the food on the black market.
2. Double the calorie intake in order for the prisoners to be able to work in the harsh climate without loosing weight and strength. Fat fish can be taken from the seas of Osiris at a low cost and meat from Ashtar.
3. Set up the medical facility utilising the doctors and medically trained personnel found among the prisoners, we don't have to pay them any salary and their empathy towards their fellow inmates will make them diligent in their work.
4. Put a supervisor to monitor the Complex in more detail so that such things that was going on do not occur in the future.

All these measures put together will increase the production with 10- 20% within 2-3 months. It can't go any faster due to the fact that the prisoners are in such bad condition. We do not have an unlimited source of them.
Respectfully. In service.

HNR Kaarl Roger
Regional Governor Ghenna

Kaarl packed up the computer in order to find a slicer to get into the encrypted parts of it. Who knew what interesting information was stored there.

The transport took him to the station and he had just enough time to eat a quick meal and take a new shower before it was time to get the shuttle to Osiris. Kaarl was the only passenger, he was soon fast asleep.

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