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The Governor of Savris

Written by: Destavol Gin and posted on: Sep 8, 2009
The Governor of Savris Written by Honorable Destavol Gin, Regional Governor of Savris Date : 03-09 Galactic Year 0023 Location : Tellopis City, Savris Region, Planet Sahare of the Karana System The sun shined beautifully over Tellopis City, the Capital of the Savris Region. A fitting mark of beauty for such a glorious day for the Empire. Tellopis was a city of remarkable beauty on its own, as Savris was the region of Sahare which focused on agriculture and further development of the planet's true natural resources. Even though the region was focused so greatly on farming and livestock, its cities were truelly great and remarkable in size and architecture, Tellopis being the finest of all the cities of Savris. The streets and resorts were packed with both locals and beings of significant to great importance to the Empire, all gathered to be here on this very special day. For some time now the Savris Region had been ruled by the primary leadership of the Governor General Baron, though a fine man even and an excellent leader both he and the System Moff Hades had come to see that Sahare was a busy planet, with many different diversities that required the attention of more than just one Governor to oversee the needs of the entire population. Finally the two men had found a man of great stature and trust within the Empire, one wise and honorable enough to entrust the needs of Savris. Today was the day that the new Regional Governor would appear for the first time ever on Sahare to give his speech to the people of his Region, and to begin his duties as the Regional Governor. The time was nearly ten o'clock in the morning, and the ceremony was already beginning. Stormtroopers lined the many streets providing security and defense for the new Governor the people of Savris. The skies were filled with several family transports trying to gain an aerial view, but was well defended by the mixture of TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors. The sounds of loud music made by the unique Karanaian marching bands, accompanied by Imperial marching bands as well. Confetti filled the air and littered the ground, free food was being served everywhere, complements of the new Governor to his people. On this day both rich and poor families alike would eat well, and celebrate together this was the will of the Honorable Destavol Gin, new Regional Governor of Savris. The crowds began to cheer loudly with a roar of approval and welcoming as a long stretched limousine came hovering slowly down the road, accompanied with two others which carried his newly selected office staff. Stormtroopers and Saharan soldiers both surrounded the limousines, while the carefully stationed sharpshooters scanned the areas for any threat. Even though the Saharan people were very happy with the appointment of the new Governor there was always the threat of the Kilad Rebels attacking to give a political statement against the Vodaha people. Behind the limousines were five Stormtrooper Transports hovering over the ground, even though Destavol wanted his people to feel comfortable he did want them to remember that he was an Imperial first and a Saharan second and that crime would not be tolerated, and as such it was quite obvious that with the excitement an equally suppression of fear was well placed over anyone insane enough to attempt an assassination against the Governor. Even though Destavol was secretly a well trained Sith Warlord, he did keep this a secret from his people as the fact of being a Sith was not the most appealing to the people of Sahare. Finally after nearly thirty minuets of escort Destavol's limousine came to a stop at its arrival destination. All doors on the limousine opened and highly trained bodyguards exited, all wearing black suites. The other limousines were the same, loaded down with highly trained security forces. The men and women of the security teams quickly paced themselves to secure the area and after a quick security search they gave the signal for the Governor and staff to join the ceremony. The first of the staff to take the stage were the Governor's Adjutants, Paul Levlo and Laura Kinnis both local Saharans, and both locals of Savris. The crowd gave a large applause for the man and the woman as they took the stage, and gave a polite bow to the people. The next to come were the four Aides to the Governor, Jacob Levlo the brother to Paul Levlo, Electra Syns, Paul Dean and Vincent Cortis. All four took the stage and received an equally welcoming applause and show of approval. At last the most important being on Savris exited his limousine. Dressed in the black ceremonial Imperial Governor's uniform with a solid black overcoat buttoned up covering it, the Honorable Destavol Gin now walked up on stage and received an applause so lound and exciting the yells and screams vibrated him. He was shocked that his people were so excited to see him, but he felt good knowing he had the support of the people of Savris. One of his security personnel walked on stage and informed him to make things quick for his safety, but Destavol mostly ignored the advise for as a Sith Warlord he always kept his twin lightsabers hidden under his overcoat, ready to strike down any opposition against him. He cleared his throat and walked up to the podium and gave one final wave to calm the people, and once silence took control of the overwhelming amount of noise he smiled and began his speech. "My beautiful people of Savris, and Sahare alike I must say I am flattered and overwhelmed with the kindness and gratitude you have shown me in these past few hours since my arrival. I must say of all the planets I have traveled to this is truelly a place I am proud to call home, and I feel that you the people and I are just alike. All of great minds and all built up of a will to provide this Empire with only the best. Some of you are citizens of the Vodaha some of you are citizens of the Empire, regardless on this day we are all brothers and sisters of Sahare!" the beginning of the speech sent a wave of clapping and cheers roaring throughout the crowd. "I was offered to select any region I desired, be it Tanzo the Industrial Region or even Kathesis the Technological Region, but I declined both and decided I would select the most important region of this planet. A region where its people may not be the wealthiest in credits but are even wealthier in pride, honor, and morals! I chose to govern this find region of Savris as it truly is the most important of the three regions. We may not provide the guns for warfare, or the jobs for thousands, but we do provide the life of the planet by supplying not just Sahare but several of the other Karanaian planets with the food and resources needed to provide what I like to call life!" this too sent the crowd into another uproar of pride, though they fell back into silence as the Governor smiled and waved his arms to quite down. "My proud, beautiful people, for to long have you been overlooked for the hard work you place into the Empire, for to long have you been squandered out of your credits, for to long has the security of this region been over looked simply because it does not hold technology or jobs for Imperials! I swear on this day that all farmers and workers of our proud region Savris shall now receive an increased amount of pay for the livestock and products farmed from our lands, your possessions will now be far better protected with the installment of tightened security throughout our cities and lands alike! Your work is appreciated, not just by me but by the Right Honorable Baron and the Right Honorable Hades as well! They have heard your cry for better support, they have heard your pleas for more protection and my proud people of Savris your pleas and cries are now answered! I have already approved for the installment of five local Imperial Office's of Criminal Investigations! We shall have two offices here in the great city of Tellopis, one in the proud city of Yulok, one in the city of Ortissia, and one in the beautiful city of Ryff! To further this I have approved the expansion of our region's Sheriff's Department, allowing further protection for those of you that do not make your homes here in the city but out in our beautiful country sides." The sound of this caused the crowd to further applaud and enjoy the new decisions of the Governor, who gave his people a moment to bask in the relief of them now being protected. "Now only does this offer better protection but shall offer jobs for over 125,000 of our local Saharans right here in Savris, yes that means all of you! I am also increasing the taxation on our food products which will not go into the pockets of this great Government, but into the pockets of you the people! I myself understand the difficulties of farming, and how much harder it is without the proper equipment so I am pleased to announce that after a lengthy discussion with the Governor General I have lowered the taxation of local Saharan technology to you, the locals of Sahare!" This gave the loudest applause yet. "My people you are now in good hands, I shall take care of you, I shall guide you, protect you from those horrid Kilad Rebels and ensure that those that choose to associate with that scum remain away from the respected planet of Sahare!" this boast gave a further round of applause from the people in attendance at the ceremony. Destavol gave a moment and then continued his speech. "Fine people of Savris I ask only for your support in these times of change. I will do all that I can to ensure that all things are directed not only to assist you the people of Savris, or even just the people of Sahare but for the Karana System as a whole and to bring further pride and glory to this Empire! We are the Empire, you, your wives, your children, myself and my family, and everyone else that makes up this great dynasty! Now as I stated earlier some of you are not currently Imperial citizens and I do not discriminate against this, but I will advise that those of you who are not do become members of our great society. We are a proud people, an educated people, a favored people throughout this galaxy. We are notable for many of the great accomplishments throughout history and shall continue to strive forward for excellence! It is a well known fact that Imperial citizens are given further rights and privileges that others do not have, and I am not attempting to change this for if we the Empire are going to support those even not of our linage, it would be wise to become part of an ever growing society which will continue to provide and support those that choose to make the proud decision to gain citizenship with us! There are no laws which state you may not be a citizen of the Empire and a citizen of the Vodaha all in one, and regardless even if you are not a citizen you must still adhere to Imperial law and order all the same correct?!" "Well I understand it has been difficult to become an Imperial citizen as of late, but my office and I are currently working on a proposal to offer all those that have been a resident of the Karana System for more than ten years the opportunity to become an Imperial citizen free of charge. Just think my people, the rights to a free Imperial education and further more an even greater education awaits you at a very low cost! The Empire supports its citizens in all the the things they desire to do and we encourage all to become citizens! This is whats so great, any of you that desire to become a citizen of our Empire can become one! The Emipre does not desire your homes, your lands, only your oath of allegiance! There is a war my people there is always a war, and all of them are of importance to the Empire. This matter of the civil war between the Vodaha and Kilad will ultimately be decided by those that gain the support of this Empire, and I am offering you the chance to become the greater men and women and join our Empire and put a stop to such triffle matters and assist us further in the growth and development of a dynasty beyond any of us." Destavol gave a pause and the people cheered him at his speech thus far. "My people I must now take my leave, I do enjoy my time with you and my office is here in this very city! I am pleased to announce that Tellopis now holds a population of 98% Imperial citizenship and thus is now recognized as an Imperial city! We shall be moving to further develop Tellopis, already two Imperial Colleges are being constructed, as well as an addition of a Stormtrooper Base and TIE Corps Station. You the people have shown your desire to support this Empire, and now we are going to give our support back to you! I am pleased to leave here today knowing now that you are all now my friends, and family as fellow Saharaians. My heart and best wishes go out to all of you, and may you all travel safely back to your homes. Give your support to our newly appointed Savris Government, and to our armed forces and police forces here to protect you all. All glory to the Empire, LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!!!" with an amazing finish to his speech the crowd busted into an uproar of approval and support, chanting of Destavol's name began and the Governor backed away and stepped to the right side of the podium, giving a smile and one final bow before he turned and nodded to his Chief of Security and was escorted back to his limousine leaving the remainder of his staff to give their speeches. Destavol had began a new era for the Savris region, and golden age was to arise from the Governor's work and ambitions for not just Savris, but the entire Karana System in general. The reign of the Right Honorable Destavol Gin would be an amazing career to watch for anyone.
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