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The Region of Savris

Written by: Destavol Gin and posted on: Sep 8, 2009
Savris Region Written by Destavol Gin Details on Savris The planet of Sahare is separated into three regions, Savris being one of them. Unlike the two sister regions of Sahare, the Savris region is not focused on technology or industry but rather the natural resources of Sahare, and has over time become the capital region of agriculture for the entire planet. Most of the locals on Savris are farmers or local Law Enforcement. A large portion of the region are registered Imperial citizens with the others being Karanan loyalist mostly built up of Vodaha or simply non affiliated with any faction. Until recently Savris suffered from poverty due to lack of interest in the region from the Imperial Government, and because of the other two regions dominating the planet's major exports, but upon the Right Honorable Destavol Gin being appointed to the office of Regional Governor several things changed, and most of which were for the better for the Savris region. Though most would think that Savris is nothing but country side, and a majority of it is, this is not entirely true. There are five major cities on Savris which hold well educated Imperial populations and boast most of the more modern technologies provided in the Karana System. The Capital of the Savris region is the city of Tellopis which gives home to an estimated 200,000 Imperial citizens and 30,000 Vodaha citizens. The Regional Governor's Office is located in Tellopis which employs nearly 2,000 staff and 1,000 military personnel. There are two Imperial Office's of Criminal Investigation in Tellopis which provide jobs to nearly 80,000 Imperials who live there, each staffing 40,000. Due to the major export of Savris being agriculture the majority of the other buisnesses revolve around the food markets and farming markets. Major companies such as Agric-Inc and SavGood provide the majority of those jobs, but smaller privately owned buisnesses are encouraged and even assisted by the local Government to an extent. Just outside of Tellopis is Savris Stormtrooper Outpost, the largest military installation on the entire planet of Sahare. It provides military command and support to the Savris region and the entire planet for that matter. At any given time the Savris Stormtrooper Outpost has nearly 100,000 Stormtroopers and military officers on duty, and is also visted by many VIP including local Governors. The Savris Stormtrooper Outpost is directed by Major General Artimus K. Tholland a well respected war veteran and long time Stormtrooper. The Savris Stormtrooper Outpost takes up a large portion of the northern Savris coast line, and extends nearly twenty seven miles inland and fifty miles wide. Housing for the military on Savris is provided on this land, along with training facilities and military testing is also conducted in the more remote areas. Yullok is the second largest city in the Savris region, and is very simular to Tellopis in its structures and industries. The people of Yullok, like Tellopis, are mostly Imperial citizens though there is a higher percentage of Vodaha citizens than there is in Tellopis. There is a sub-office of the Imperial Government in Yullok which employes roughly 5,000 staff and 600 military staff. There is one IOCI in Yullok which gives jobs to nearly 27,000 citizens. Like Tellopis, Yullok also houses the Agric-Inc and SavGood corporations which are focused on the marketing of the goods produced on Savris. Yullok is independant in the fact that it is the only city to house an IOCI as well as a local Sheriff Department. The local Sheriff Department is older than any other buisness in the city, and is mostly still in buisness only for that reason. The Yullok Sheriff Department has a staff of roughly 400 citizens. Not far from Yullok is the small city of Ortissia. It is the smallest of the four cities of Savris, and because of this it is considered more of a "Farmer's Town" than a city. Ortissia has a population of 10,000 Imperial citizens and 54,000 Vodaha citizens. It is the only city in the Savris region which remains majorly strong to the Vodaha party, but is still considered an Imperial city. Ortissia is also known as the "Ocean City" because it is so close to the eastern coast line, so close that it was once nearly destroyed by a massive tidal surge which sent a massive tidal wave crashing into the city and killed most everyone that lived there. Because of this a large portion of the eastern coast of Savris fell below sea level and required the Imperial Government to quickly act, and install ninety large water pumps to keep the coast above water. The largest company in Ortissia is the SavGood corporation which employes a majority of the community there, the rest being employed by the new IOCI recently placed there by Governor Destavol Gin. Because of its smaller size and outreach from the rest of the Savris region, illegal spice trafficing is notorius in Ortissia, as well as it is the capital of the Savris black market. Even though the new IOCI has cleaned up Ortissia greatly, it will most likely never fully remove the crime from the small city. The most exotic and beautiful of the four cities, or most likely of any city on Sahare, is the architechtural marvel of Ryff. The city is in fact the oldest city on Savris and the third largest, as well as home to only the wealthiest of citizens on Sahare as a whole. The Empire has done nothing until recently to alter the beauty of Ryff, and this was only the addition of the IOCI to Ryff which is located outside of town due to the massive amount to objection from the Savris people to place it in town. Ryff is mostly a residential city, though there are some privately owned buisnesses in Ryff along with the IOCI employement. Nearly 120,000 citizens make their home in Ryff, all of which are either heads of Imperial Government, or weathly land owners on Sahare. Tourism is a major thing in Ryff, as most people travel to Sahare to taste the food and visit the cathedrals and mansions of Ryff during their stay. The most attrating thing in Ryff is the Grand Fountains of Sahare, which were built when the city was built over 2,000 years ago. The technology that controls the fountains are completely based upon gravity and rotation of the planet, proving amazing science for the Saharan people and the water that flows through the fountains never has to be purified as they run through crystalized pipes which naturally filter the water. Even though these four cities are the heads of Savris they certainly are not the heart or the blood of the region. This is left up to the millions of acres of land that have been turned into farms, plantations and more. The food supply that comes from the Savris region is a multi million credit industry which feeds not just Sahare but several other planets in the Karana System, and is even exported to other systems through out the Imperial territories. The goods produced by the Savris region until recently were under purchused but Governor Destavol Gin made it one of his first acts to ensure that taxing on anyone outside of the Savris region purchusing the products developed there was increased to help the economy on Savris, and better supply income to the Empire as a whole. The Savris region has slowly developed from a woodland that was greatly overlooked to a well respected supplies of the food supplies of Sahare and the Karana System. Government Information Regional Governor : Destavol Gin Adjutant to the Governor : Paul Levlo Adjutant to the Governor : Laura Kennis Aide to the Governor : Jacob Levlo Aide to the Governor : Electra Syns Aide to the Governor : Paul Dean Aide to the Governor : Vincent Cortis Regional Director of IOCI : Kevin Karlston Deputy Director of IOCI : Gregory Dean Sheriff of Savris : Elric Huggot Military Information Director of Military Operations : Major General Artimus Tholland Asst. Director : Colonel Tyron Itso 1st Batallion Commander : Captain Kreg Lines 2nd Batallion Commander : Captain Howard Bell
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