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Induction of the New Governor General of Sahare

Written by: Destavol Gin and posted on: Feb 27, 2010
IMPERIAL SCAN-DOC TRANSMISSION ID : #EHDIR-KSPS-GGPS-00001A TOPIC : INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW GOVERNOR GENERAL OF SAHARE SUBMISSION ID : PIN #77, THE RIGHT HONORABLE, DESTAVOL GIN SUBMISSION LOCATION : IMPERIAL DIRECTORATE SYSTEM KARANA, ALL PLANETS AND ESTABLISHMENTS FROM : THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF SAHARE Loyal Citizens, Governors, Moffs, Ministers, and Soldiers of the Galactic Empire Let me first begin by saying what an honor it is to be now serving you all as the new Planetary Governor General of the grand planet of Sahare. While I know I have quite a long road ahead of me, I hereby swear on my honor and loyalty as an Imperial Citizen to fulfill the duties, obligations, and responsibilities entrusted to me by not only System Moff, The Right Honorable Hades, and Grand Moff, Duke Defast Insite - but you the men and women of the Galactic Empire, and Karana System. Effective this day I take my first steps into the role of Governor General and already have began to take charge in changing our planet for the best of what it can be. I appreciate the trust given to me by my superiors, and you the Imperial Citizens and Imperial Military to fulfill such obligations. It is of no doubt that the role of Governor General is an important one, and this combined with my duties as Attache to the Recon Officer of the Emperor's Hammer have thus made me quite the figurehead these days, but I assure you that I am still the same Regional Governor that you the people have come to love, trust, and serve well. We the Imperial Government of Sahare have been working for some time to address the needs of Sahare, and I must say that for my Region when working over it, I feel it safe to say that these needs were met as encountered. Now as Governor General I have much more to turn my focus to and shall be doing all in my power to meet the needs of all of you which are not just my people, but my family as fellow Saharan and Karanan natives. Though I myself have only recently registered myself as a Karanan local, I assure you that my interest in this planet and system are stronger than ever now. We have had many projects succeed already, in short our local law enforcement has greatly increased thus nearly eradicating these crime syndicates that felt they could hide here on our fine planet and host their operations in hopes the Empire would turn a blind eye. Well my friends an family, your call for protection and service has been met. The people of Sahare now have more jobs to help provide for their families and selves, and I am pleased to announce that since my appointment of Regional Governor some time ago our Imperial Citizenship population has increased to an amazing 75% and is still rising. I hope to one day establish an entire planet of Imperial/Karanan citizenship. This leads me to my next subject, the civil war between the Karanan Republic and the Vodoha Syndicate. Though both regimes are recognized as protected Imperial sub-governments, which prevents direct Imperial influence of the war - I as your Governor General can assure you that our Planetary Military is now bring reformed, resupplied, and retrained to battle and end this petty war with these invaders to our lands. Though the war is nearly over, there are still some areas of resistance, which I must ask that you the people of Sahare do defend yourselves, but allow our Saharan Military deal with these invaders that would dare try to claim our planet as their own! Due to the dramatic increase of Imperial citizenship and a vote of yes from you the people, I have approved the declaration of Imperialism of our Planet. No longer shall we remain primitive as we have for some long, and be considered a backwater planet of our system. For without us, much of the Karanan system would not feed, water, and survive. We shall now bring a more Imperial aspect to our planet to form more order and peace to our planet. Thus we shall now move to the division of regions of our planet. Our great planet of Sahare has four major continents. The Continent of Vallora, the Continent of Felva, the Continent of Dalmasca, and the Continent of Elgorra. Where as each of these Continents were once known as Regions with the names, for example the Vallora Region - we will no longer use such primitive natures for our planet and move into a more MODERN IMPERIALIST FORMATION!! The Continent of Felva, which for the longest time has been used for our once underfunded Saharan Military will now be known as REGION 1 (ONE). I have appointed The Right Honorable Matt Adler to Govern this fine aspect of our planet, and whom shall be handling all Planetary Militia matters. I've passed the approval to increasing 8% of our planetary funds to a rightful 13% funding to bring our Saharan Planetary Military to a rightful and impressive presence on our planet. Regional Governor Adler is a very fine man, I've known him quite a while and he shall perform well in his line of duty as the Regional Governor of SAHARE REGION ONE. People of Sahare, give your support and loyalty to this man as you have myself and former Governor General Hades over these last years. For the Continent of Vallora, our beauty and breadbasket of Sahare, it shall now fall under the designation of REGION 2 (TWO) and shall house our planets Agricultural needs. While I have yet to find a suitable Governor to maintain Region 2, I have appointed my GOVERNOR'S AID, Dellis McTavish to Govern over REGION 2 (TWO) until time comes that a suitable Governor may be found. For the Continent of Elgorra, which is our planets most industrialized and productive in jobs and employment, this shall be formed into REGION 3 (THREE) which shall head our planet's Industrial matters. Likewise I have not found a suitable candidate for the job thus yet I have appointed my second GOVERNOR'S AID to Govern REGION 3 (THREE) until I find a suitable Governor to fill the position. You temporary Governor shall be Karlos Jackson, who is likewise a very good man who has served with me quite some time, so likewise please give him your trust, respect and support in his duties. The final but certainly the most important of our new Regions shall be the Continent of Dalmasca, which will now be known as REGION 0 (ZERO). This will strictly be kept as is, as it shall be the planetary headquarters for all diplomatic, and government matters. Due to REGION 0 being so large it shall have 2 (TWO) Governors to govern it, which shall be your Governor General, The Right Honorable Destavol Gin, and upon selecting one - the Lieutenant Governor of Sahare. I will also note that Imperial Military shall be hosted here as well, even though that REGION 1 (ONE) shall also house some of our Imperial Military, that ANY AND ALL Imperial Military shall fall under the jurisdiction of the proper commanders of each divisions whether it be the Stormtrooper Corps, the TIE Corps and so on. Though our Planetary Military shall handle most matters concerning War, Battle, and Conflict with anything outside of Imperial concern - should the problems arise where Imperial Military need be called upon, I myself shall have full authority over when our Imperial forces stationed here on Sahare shall be dispatched. So rest assured our planet is now well defended. People of Sahare, as I have stated this is one of the finest honors a man of my service could ever receive. I hope my service to you is superior to that of any Governor General in the history of this planet being indoctrinated into the Directorate of the Galactic Empire, and Emperor's Hammer territories. I shall do all in my power to keep this planet functioning at 110% of its 100% potential. May we be a peaceful, but fully respected planet of this System. We the people of Sahare and Karana shall prevail, and may our planet now move to a time of growth, prosperity, justice, and glory. My people, it has been a pleasure addressing you all. Regardless of age, gender, race, species, anything - we here on Sahare shall be a tolerant people, but a firm society. Now that this planet is a full Imperial Government, I shall respect the political parties of the Karanan Republic, and even the Vodoha Syndicate as they too are recognized by the Empire as a political party. But I shall mind you now that the days of Karanan control over this planet are over. We the Empire have come to establish peace, order and protection for you all - thus we are now the holders of this planet. For those of you who are not Imperial citizens, I humbly request now that we follow through and make our populace into a completely Imperial Civilized population. The benefits of being an Imperial citizen are beyond that of anything you could imagine. So come now, adhere to being an Imperial and reap the rewards for doing such. Thank you my people for your time, and may the Glory of the Empire shine upon us..
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