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Appointment of the Alpha High Moff

Written by: Destavol Gin and posted on: Mar 16, 2010
Location : Palpatina Hall, New Imperial City, Aurora Prime, Aurora System, Alpha Sector Travel to the planet Aurora Prime had been outrageous for the previous three days. Security from the TIE Corps and Hammer's Fist had been pulled from all corners of the Directorate territories to be present for the event scheaduled at Palpatina Hall. The Grand Moff had announced the appointment of his new Alpha Sector High Moff, thus only the finest were selected to present protection for the Government officials and their guest attending. Many high ranking military officials had taken vacation leave just to attend the event, and many important Imperial citizens had been granted attendance to the event. It would be a rebel's dream to be capable of blowing the Palpatina Hall up at this specific event, as the results would be detrimental to the Empire, but even the Brotherhood had sent Dark Jedi to aide in the protection of the officials attending the cerimony. ---------- The Cerimony Begins ---------- The cerimony began by dancing, serving of fine wine and liqours from all over the galaxy, even those that had been deemed "illegal" were permitted for this event. Of the many important people present a specific set were of the highest priority to the cerimony. Sitting at a solid golden table near the rear of the huge ballroom were the Ministry Council. Grand Moff Defast Insite, Minister of Communication Czulvang Lah, Minister of Education Keth D'Jek, High Moff Destavol Gin, System Moff Kalin, and System Moff Miles Prower. All were dining on some of the finest cuisine that could be provided by the Empire. All were dressed in the white and gray dress uniforms of the Directorate, garnished with their medals and rank, speaking among themselves telling jokes, speaking slight business, and for the most enjoying the ceremony. After an hour or so the official announcements were up, and all in attendance took their seats at the tables except for the Grand Moff, who moved to the center of the room and began to speak. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all here for a very special night. For some time now the Directorate's territories has been directly controlled by the position of Grand Moff, and the several System Moffs. For quite a while now this has been successful, but recently I have aquired the services of a certain Governor General whom has taken our territories to a new level of success. Because of his services, and success, I am proud to say that I am promoting Sir Destavol Gin this evening to the position of High Moff of the Alpha Sector. From this day forward, may it be known throughout the Empire's territories that our new High Moff of Alpha Sector is Lord Destavol Gin, Baron of Karana. May his service to the Empire continue to bring pride, glordy, success, and prosperity to us all. Now, I am not one to ramble on, so if Lord Gin would like to say a few words we shall move back on to the reception and continue this magnificent evening." stated Grand Moff Insite, who was replied with a large round of applause before taking his seat. Destavol then raised from the table, straightened his uniform a bit and stepped forward to the center of the room and gave a short speech of his own. "My fellow Imperials, it is an honor to be here this day, feasting and enjoying the reaps of our Empire's success with all of you. It has been quite some time since I have had the opportunity to serve my Empire on such a magnitude, and such a level of responsibility. I just want to say that I am honored to be entrusted to this responsibility, and it is my garuntee that all Imperials, not just of this Sector but of the Fleet!, shall prosper. Great measures are already in action to make greater uses of our territories, and rest assure that from this day forward that Alpha Sector is in fine hands. Now let us continue with the ceremony." stated Destavol, who was also granted a large round of applause. The ceremony the continued on throughout the night, where the finest of all the Empire dined and wined to their hearts content..
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