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Sith: Sithspawn

Written by: Crsepe and posted on: Apr 19, 2013

Waking the next morning, I instinctively rolled and ignited my lightsaber to block my morning bolt. Laughing a little when I remembered that I crushed it the previous night. I shut down my lightsaber and got to packing up my camp. While packing up my camp I wondered if during my for e illusion battle last night, I actually was using force lightning or if it was just part of the illusion. While I know that during training I've felt what I've thought was the beginnings of being able to shoot lightning from my hands. I felt and saw small lightning arcs float down my forearms and stop at my palms. My Master saw this and told me that this was a promising sign but I was no where near strong enough yet to control force lightning. Having seen the destruction that it can cause and seeing what happens to someone who tries to use force lightning without proper training. They've been in the infirmary for a while now. I expanded my senses and was immediately bombarded by the fullness of the life in the area. I could feel everything from the insects to the local herd of herbivores nearby, plus I could sense the predators of the area focused on the herd looking for their next meal. There were a couple of predators that felt as though they were looking at me trying to judge if I were an easy prey that would give them a quick snack. I let my Hatred spread to everything around me, and sensed every creature panic and run away from me as fast as they could. While they were scurrying away I marveled at the strength and power of whomever was behind this testing, I came to the conclusion that this was something my Master was strong enough to pull off. While packing up my camp I wondered if during my Force Illusion bast the previous night, if I was actually using Force Lightning or if it was just part of the illusion. While I know that during training I've felt what I've thought was the beginnings of being able to shoot lightning from the fingers. I felt and saw small lightning arcs float down my forearms and dissipate at my palms. My Master saw this and told me that this was a promising sign but I was no where near strong enough yet to control Force Lightning. Having seen the destruction that it can cause and seeing first hand what happens to someone who tries to use Force Lightning without proper training. They've been in the infirmary for a while now. Smug satisfaction rolled over me when I realized how much stronger I would be on my return to the Shadow Academy. I will show my Master that I'm not the average Sith that he thinks I am.

Kicking dirt on the remnants of my fire, I set out walking up the slop of hills leading to the mountain. During my climb, I contemplated on what lay in store for me when I reached where ever I was being directed towards. At the start of the climb there was lush vegetation and the trees were in full bloom, local birds were chirping and tweeting in the trees and bushes. The further I climbed up, there were less and less local animals, and the trees started to look more and more twisted and evil looking as if they were being warped but an extreme amount of dark side energy. I could feel an increasing malice being directed at me, but I couldn't tell from where, it felt as if it was all around me and more was joining it as time went on. Looking up I could see the top half of the mouth of a cave ahead, from just the top portion that I could see, it appeared to be a massive cavern. I continued to climb toward the cave, still feeling the ever growing malice being directed towards me. Cresting the slope about two hundred meters from the mouth of the cave, the ground leveled out all the way to the cave, and probably about fifty meters wide. After a couple of steps onto the this plateau the ground erupted in front of me in several places and vines shot up into the air, some were thick as tree trunks while the others were thin and whip-like. Just behind the vines the ground exploded upward as what I guessed was the main body or whatever this was. 

"I am impressed," I heard my rival say from behind the giant plant. "I expected you to have been killed by now, it seems like you are starting to actually prove worthy, but this could be your end." I looked up at the mouth of the cave, and there on a rock ledge above the cave stood my rival, and lying on the ground next to him was that red vornskr again. Both were watching to see what would happen. "Do you like him? During one of my earliest study sessions, I came across a Jedi power that at first didn't look worth more than a glance. Then after further reading, I started to see a pattern of Sith taking Jedi powers and perverting them for their own gains. I went back to that Jedi power and gave it a closer look. What I found was that Consitor Sato, or Plant Surge, could be used to ones personal gain if applied properly. I spent years practicing and refining it. Among my travels I toyed with local fauna of multiple planets to see what would be the best fit for what I had in mind. After torturing everything I came across, I found the perfect plant, a small little flower looking plant that catches small insects and eats them. He took a long time in getting him just right. Triumph over my creations and prove worthy and I might impart my knowledge to you." He didn't say anything else, he just stood there with his hands in the pockets of his jacket, a passive expression on his face as if he was judging me. That same red vornskr was lying down with its front paws draped over the edge of the overhang, its head resting on it paws watching me. I kept glancing at my rival for a few moments longer. After a few moments, I realized that he wasn't going to say anything else, I turned my focus back to the Sithspawn plant in front of me. No sooner had I turned my attention towards it that a whip-like vine shot out, wrapped around my right ankle, yanked me off my feet picking me up in the air and slammed me into the ground. Momentarily stunned that I didn't sense its vine until after it grabbed me, almost didn't get a Force Barrier up in time to lessen my impact with the ground. My impact left a slight impact dent in the ground. My barrier helped, but still getting picked up and physically slammed from about 15 feet up still hurts. 

Picking myself up, and dusting off my clothes, I expanded my senses to avoid another embarrassing incidents, I could feel satisfaction coming from the Sithspawn, and realized that this thing had some sentience. Evil joy washed over me because what was powerful knowledge, and I wanted it. I took that joy, turned it into anger at my rival for acquiring that skill so fast, and pushed all that anger into a Force fueled rage to increase my strength, speed and ferocity. Ripping a large chunk of earth with the Force, I spun it around in a circle to generate force, and threw it at the main body of the Sithspawn. About halfway to the Sithspawn, those four tree trunk vines formed a barrier between it and the chunk of earth. Both met and the earth chunk exploded in a cloud of dust and debris. "Okay......" I said, seeing that this would be an interesting challenge, and no sooner had I said that, then more vines burst through the ground. What I saw was a large, very multiple vined Sithspawn that I was eager to test myself against. Other than the four tree-trunk vines, I counted about twice as many vines that were the size of tree branches that I had passed on my trek up here, and twice as many again whip-like vines that kept moving around making it kind of hard to keep count. I pulled out my lightsaber, lit it, and as an after thought I pulled out my blaster rifle. I stood there a moment longer, trying to see any pattern to the vine movements, or see any openings that I could exploit, before I make any move. Pouring more anger and frustration into my Force Rage, I took a step forward to attack. As soon as I had no more that set my lead foot down when several vines shot out towards me making me turn my step into a Force Jump. Several of the branch vines were barely missing me as I was going up, I had to utilize my ability to change direction in mid-air to avoid getting hit. Deftly landing on a branch vine, I Force Sped towards the main body slashing at the whip vines trying to either grab me or knock me down, and trying to keep up a continuous barrage of rifle fire at what I assumed is the head. I managed to slice through a couple of the whip vines, and inflict damage to the branch vines, my rifle bolts were being intercepted my the trunk vines forming a barrier between me and the head of the Sithspawn.

In that moment, when the trunk vines were blocking my rifle bolts, the other vines lost their coordination. Seeing this as its weakness and my opening, I executed a Force enhanced back flip off the creature. I landed on the ground, Force ripped a very large chunk of earth out of the ground, threw it straight at the Sithspawn. Just before it contacted those trunk vines, I used levitation to change its direction to straight up, adding a hard Force Push to get it going higher and higher. Pushing my Force awareness to my maximum I tried to keep track of that chunk of earth. I flung my lightsaber at a branch vine snaking towards me, cutting it in half, I caught it with the Force, then making it spin in intricate patterns in front of me to keep the whip and branch vines busy while I randomly poured rifle fire where ever I could to keep the trunk vines in one spot and the creature focused on me and not on the earth chunk above it. As soon as I stopped pushing the chunk up, I started running to my right, trying to keep out of the range of the vines, but close enough that I could cause damage with my lightsaber. After one rotation around the Sithspawn I felt the chunk reach its zenith and start to make its return trip back down, I gave it a little Force tug to get it going just a bit faster and pushed it over a little to get it lined up correctly with where it was going to land. I intensified the frequency of my shots, plus started making my lightsaber move closer to the main body while still flowing through the intricate patterns that I started in going through. After the third circle I had made around the Sithspawn, I sensed that the chunk was at that pivotal point. I slid to a stop, reached up and Force yanked the chunk with everything that I could draw upon, directly on top of the Sithspawn. The force of the impact caused the main body and its four trunk vines to explode, causing massive amounts of green blood and mulch to radiate out. I erected a Force Barrier to intercept the shock wave and Force pulled a piece of ground up to block the incoming green mess.

What happened next I should have seen coming. The shock wave hit first, obliterating my dirt shield, pelting me with small chunks of debris, breaking my concentration and loosing my Force Barrier, and knocking me back a good twenty feet on my back. Just as soon as I caught my breath and looked up in time to see the green mulch and blood get dumped right on top of me. The stuff was slimy and gooey at the same time, luckily it was only on my front, my back had escaped the mess. Pushing myself up to a sitting position, whipped the stuff out of my eyes and off my face so I could breathe properly, and surveyed my work. The hole
that the Sithspawn had come up out of was now larger and deeper than when it first appeared, and there were only a couple of the whip vines still above ground, but nothing was moving. I looked up to the rock ledge where my rival and that red vornskr were sitting earlier, but they weren't there anymore, they were standing inside the mouth of the cave looking back at me. "Is that the best you got!" I yelled at him. My rival just gave me a crooked grin and said, "Arrogance, good that will make your next trial very interesting. But come, ultimate knowledge awaits you within." And with that my rival turned and disappeared into the darkness of the cave, the red vornskr kept looking at me as if sizing me up, gave a snort and turned and disappeared into the dark as well.

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