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KI: Intelligence

Written by: Crsepe and posted on: May 12, 2013
     'A byproduct of increased piracy, wealth, and population inflow has been the re-emergence of gangs and smuggling on the Hammer's more populous worlds as a serious threat to continued law and order. Smuggling syndicates have taken advantage of the fleet's pre-occupation with pirates and raiders to rejuvenate a black market trade in minerals, narcotics, and technologies, operating on the fringes of society and lining the pockets of the unscrupulous and corrupt. Work has been disrupted in no fewer than four industrial districts in the last six months due to ongoing investigations into spice and stimm use by workforces, while corrupt officials are believed to be in the pockets of these syndicates and cartels. At least one convoy of military technologies and arms was struck in a precision raid that can only have been the product of an informant within our own fleet.'
     The Director finished reading the latest missive from Fleet Command, closed the file and set down his datapad. Thinking about where he wanted to start with this problem, he realized that even with all the assets he has at his disposal, he wouldn't have anywhere to start with this problem.
     "Lieutenant, send for....."
     At that moment a relatively nondescript human male walked into his office. He walked over to the Director's liquor cabinet, grabbed a glass, looked over the selection and poured himself some of the Chalquila. He turned, leaned up against the counter and started taking sips of his drink.
     "You sent for me sir?" He stated slyly with a grin half hidden behind his glass.
     The Director had just set there watching his agent walk in and help himself to his liquor, not saying anything to see what he would do. All he could do was smirk after the agents reporting in. "You obviously know what is going on, so why don't you tell me what you know and I'll fill in any missing details."
     The agent pushed himself away from the counter and made his way across the room to one of the chairs opposite the Directors elaborate desk. Sitting down he stirred his drink, possibly thinking about what to say.  "Since the attack on Aurora, our forces have been recovering and trying to hunt down those responsible. That left us open for either an another attack or piracy to run unchecked. We had done a fairly decent job of keeping them from getting too far into our territory, but recently we've been loosing to many shipments of our major exports from multiple planets." The agent sat his glass down on the table next to his chair, leaned forward and opened his hands. "And since you were about to send for me, I'm wondering what it is that I'm actually going to be doing? My guess would that I'm either being sent to infiltrate the Void Raptors or you're going to have me find the informant betraying us from within." He sat back and grabbed his glass and took a drink. "Am I close to the mark?" He said with a slight grin.
     "You obviously know more than most about what is going on, but I expect that of my best agent." The Director picked up his datapad, scrolled through a list, tapped one and turned his attention back to the agent. "Actually you will be doing both, what we are hoping that you would infiltrate the Void Raptors and discover their base of operations, as well as ferreting out the identity of the traitor from the other side. We don't want to spook this person, we will be feeding false information to different departments to narrow down our list of suspects. Once we find the leak, or you discover who it is, we will start funneling false information unknowingly through this person to hopefully catch the Raptors in a trap and eliminate them."
     The agent just sat there his full attention riveted on the Director. "Sounds fun where do I start?"
     "I sent a proposal to Fleet to see if they will be able to give us what you will need to pull this off." He typed a few more things into his datapad. "Get what you will need for this assignment together and report to the 'Hammer' in two days. We should have what we need by then."
     The agent stood up, came to a semblance of attention, "Director," and headed to the door, turned around. "Code name?"
     "I'll let you know on the 'Hammer'. After the door closed, the Director looked down at his datapad and pressed the send button, to send this request to TCCOM outlining what he would need and what he would need to crews to do doing this mission.
High Admiral Dan Bonini, I hope this finds you and your Task Force well and successful. Since I'm not really one for small talk, I'll get right to the point. Between yours, the SOO's, and my own intelligence reports, I've come across some information that might give us an in into the Void Raptors and possibly root out any VR informants in our midst.
What I'm hoping that you will be able to provide me and my agent is a small 'chase' group to help secure his insertion into the Void Raptors. We would need a 'capital ship', something large enough for them to take is seriously but not to big as to seem overkill for a chase; one maybe two fighter squadrons for the sell. Reports have confirmed that stations response to incoming hostiles is to send two squadrons of fighters out to intercept, and escort the fleeing vessel back to the station. All reports indicate that this station is being run by someone with close ties to the Void Raptors, and that at the first sign of trouble they will call for help from Val Duquesne. Which we are hoping and counting on. If any Void Raptors arrive in-system while you are still there, then by all means finish them off, but you will not be able to call upon additional ships unless it turns into a stalemate or they bring in more capital ships and it looks as though you might lose. We don't want to tip our hand by having too many resources readily available if this should turn bad. We will be arriving to your ship within two days to hopefully get this mission underway.
Director of Intelligence
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