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KI: The Request

Written by: Crsepe and posted on: May 12, 2013
As the shuttle landed on the deck of the Star Destroyer 'Hammer', the agent cocked an eyebrow at the smoothness the landing and the ride had been, he hadn't even felt when the shuttle had touched down. Standing up he grabbed his bag and headed forte boarding ramp. As the ramp was descending, the pilot walked up from the cockpit, "How was the ride?" Knowing that praise and keeping pilots happy usually helped in later situations when you most need them, plus pilots egos are very touchy. "Smoothest ride I've ever had." As they both started down the ramp, a door opened across the bay and a squad of six stormtroopers entered and marched straight towards the shuttle. The were almost to the bottom of the ramp when the pilot leaned closer and whispered, "You didn't see any pink lizards." Taken aback, I slowly stunned his head to look at the pilot in disbelief and wondered who he was, and what was going in in the TIECorps. Turning back to the stormtroopers who had by this time reached the bottom of the ramp and stopped, three on each side. "Are you guys escorting us?" I asked the nearest trooper on the right. Knowing troopers like I did, I watched the troopers helmet for any slight movement. The trooper nodded in confirmation and slightly tilted his helmet in the direction to my right and behind me. "Haven't lost your touch have you Director?" I intoned to the Director without turning around. The pilot look at me wondering who I was talking to.
"I like to keep my old skills sharp, it adds to my entertainment when dealing or visiting with anyone outside of Intelligence." The Director said, smiling from directly behind the pilot, who had instantly froze and had a look of pure panic on his face. "Relax Mirtez, you've done nothing that warrant's Intel's attention." The pilot visibly relaxed as the Director moved around th pilot to stand at an angle infront of the pilot facing me. The Director leaned over towards the pilot, "Though how are your pink lizards doing? Well I hope?" The pilot froze, he was pretty certain that his heart just stopped and that there was a vaccum leak somewhere in the hangar bay as there didn't seem to be any oxygen for him to breathe. His eyes flicked from astonishment at hte Director for knowing about his pets to me for any help that I could give. Noticing that I had a slight smirk on my face that told of the volumes that the Director probably knew but wasn't letting on, the pilot relaxed a bit, regaining his composure the pilot stated, "They are quite well, sir, thank you for asking about them." I was certain that the stormtroopers were either smiling or laughing at him, probably both.
"Shall we proceed?" the Director said. We all started towards the door while the stormtroopers fell into step around us, with the Director and myself walking side by side and the pilot trailing. Once through the door the Director and I turned towards the bridge, while the pilot turned the other direction to head towards his quarters or pilots lounge. "No no no, Kaisin Mirtez, come with me, your services will be needed shortly and you will need to hear the briefing to know your part in the mission." Kaisin dropped his head in defeat, did an about-face and fell into step behind the other two as they all headed to the bridge. At the bridge door, the stormtroopers stopped before entering while we continued onto the bridge. Upon entering I took stock of how the bridge was, an organized chaos, as we walked toward the command chair of the bridge.
As we were walking up to the command chair I saw a young female lieutentant standing to the right of the chair giving a report. We stopped in front of the chair, the Director standing directly infront of the chair with myself to his left and the pilot standing at attention to the Directors right and a little behind. The lieutenant must have just started giving her report as it seemed that it took a while for her to finish, during which time the Admiral sitting in the chair flicked his gaze from the datapad that the lieutenant was holding to the trio of us standing infront of him. So I took the time to survey the bridge and take note of the hustle and bustle that goes along with a bridge crew of a Task Force command ship. Now that I was able to better, longer view of the bridge I noticed that although it was an organized chaos, it seemed to be highly efficient, whiched showed the level of professionalism that the Admiral expected. The lieutenant straightened and saluted the Admiral, signifying that she had finished her report and was about to go back to her assigned duties.
The Admiral turned his focus on the three of us standing there in front of him, the Director was standing motionless with his hand clasped behind his back, Kaisin was standing at attention, and then there was me, standing with my hands in my pockets looking around at the bridge crew. "Director of Imperial Intelligence standing on my bridge." the Admiral stated. I snapped my attention back to the Admiral, went to attention and threw up a salute at the same time as Kaisin. The Admiral moved his gaze over the pilot and myself. "At ease, gentlemen." Both me and the pilot finished our salutes and went to parade rest. The Amiral stood up, and walked over to shake hands with the Director. "Your message was short and vague as to what you are wanting, I take it that you need something from my fleet or else you most likely wouldn't be here."
The Director glanced back towards me, signifying that I should step back to give them a bit of privacy, I step back, motioning for the pilot to do the same. The Director turned back to the Admiral who was looking around to see if there was any other officers that were close by or needed his attention, seeing none he turned back to the Director. "High Admiral Dan Bonini, how would you like to have someone on the inside of the Void Raptors feeding them false information and spreading descent from within and hopefully giving their leaders positions away?" The Director said, all with a straight face. That surprised the Admiral, for he rocked back a little before he was able to recover.
"Director, I think that I speak for everyone of this Task Force when I say, what do you need?" The Admiral by now had a smile on his face, and seemed as though he relaxed a bit, though he probably wondered what the Director was actually wanting from his people.
"I would like to make use of a small capital ship, or suitable 'chase ship', and two squadrons of fighters." The Director handed a small datapad to the Admiral. "That outlines what I would need of your people, plus I would like to brief them personnaly as well."
"I think that we could accommadate what you need." The Admiral said. It looked as though he were running through strengths and weaknesses of vessels in his head to see what would best suit the Director's needs. "I will let the squadron leaders know that they have a mission and that they need to report to the main briefing room in one hour."
The Director bowed his head, turned towards the door motioning for me to follow.  With my movement towards the door, I caught Kaisin's attention, motioning for him to follow. 
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