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Imperial Service Record Book

Written by: Matthew Weeks and posted on: Sep 11, 2013


Newsletter #104, Hornet Squadron Report #6, 04JUN2004. MAJ Jer Stryker, Commanding (holonet_cmdr_report37.html)

First appearance in a TIE Corps dispatch. PIN was listed as #11301, but this is the only instance of its appearance. At the time, Pilot had been promoted to Lieutenant and already attained an FCHG ranking of Hussar with 54 points. Held the billet of Flight Member, Hornet Squadron 3-2, Wing XV, ISDII Vanguard, Battlegroup VII, Aggressor Strike Force.

Newsletter #104, Hornet Squadron Report #7, 12JUN2004. MAJ Jer Stryker, Commanding (holonet_cmdr_report38.html)

Second appearance. My PIN was listed as #11280 for the first time. Contact, but no additional activity.

Newsletter #104, Hornet Squadron Report #8, 18JUN2004. MAJ Jer Stryker, Commanding (holonet_cmdr_report39.html)

Third appearance. Contact, but no additional activity.

Newsletter #104, Hornet Squadron Report #9, 26JUN2004. MAJ Jer Stryker, Commanding (holonet_cmdr_report39.html)

Fourth appearance. Contact, but no additional activity.



NOTE: Newsletter #105 is no longer available, dates covered are unknown


Took part in the Top Dog Competition, 21AUG2004, submitted answers to trivia questions



REAL-LIFE NOTE: On September 1st, 2004, my Mother suffered an aneurysm which led to her death 72 hours later. This is why I did not return to active duty.



Newsletter #106, No appearance



Newsletter #107, Medal Board Archives


I appear only on the medal board in this Newsletter. I’d been promoted to Lieutenant Commander at this time, and held the FCHG rank of Dragoon with 134 points:


LCM Matthew Weeks (Matthew@Weeks.name)

  • Bronze Star of the Empire
  • Palpatine Crescent x 2
  • Iron Star - Bronze Wings
  • Iron Star - Bronze Ribbon
  • Iron Star - Silver Wings
  • Commendation of Bravery


No additional activity.



Newsletter #108, Medal Board Archives only, no activity.



NOTE: Newsletter #109 is not available for download

(source: http://www.emperorshammer.org/newsletters.php)




Newsletter #110, Medal Board Archives only, no activity.



Returned to active duty, 12AUG2013, Alpha Squadron 3-3, COL Exar Kit, Commanding

 (Wing I, ISDII Hammer, Battlegroup X, Rapid Response Force)



19AUG2013, Imperial University Course Completed

[XWAC] X-Wing Alliance: Capital Ships, Score: 49



Old TIE Corps Database reflects the award of the Order of the Vanguard, 9th Echelon

(source: http://tc.emperorshammer.org/record.php?pin=11280&type=medals)



02SEP2013, Citation,  Iron Star – Bronze Wings, 2nd Award

Matthew Weeks has now been awarded a Bronze Wings for the following reason:
3dd Place, Ace of the TC, August 2013



04SEP2013, Citation, Gold Star of the Empire

Matthew Weeks has now been awarded a Gold Star of the Empire for the following reason:
For months, I have been searching for a copy of EHBL DOS. It wasn't backed up when our previous website was swept away, and being an extremely old and long-obsolete file, seemingly no one had retained their copy. By all accounts, EHBL DOS was as gone as the dodo... until LCM Weeks came along. He has kept and preserved a long lost copy of an important piece of EH history for who knows how long! In recognition of this preservation, reflecting his deep respect and loyalty to the Emperor's Hammer, I am awarding LCM Weeks the Gold Star.

AD Giovanni Palermo
Security Officer



04SEP2013, Citation, Palpatine Crescent, 3rd Award

Matthew Weeks has now been awarded a Palpatine Crescent for the following reason:
for activity since joining the squadron in august with flying 4 battles , loads of emails, and 1 Imperial University course taken there is only 1 thing i can do, therefor i recommend that he be recommend the Palpatine Crescent!



05SEP2013, Imperial University Course Completed

[SFW] Starfighter Weaponry, Score: 52



09SEP2013, Imperial University Course Completed

[TIE] TIE Fighter, Score: 37



11SEP2013, Imperial University Course Completed

[M/1] mIRC 1, Score: 25



11SEP2013, Imperial University Course Completed

[M/2] mIRC 2, Score: 24

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