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Coming Home (TC Comp #2478)

Written by: Kenath Zoron and posted on: Nov 25, 2013

He sat quietly, staring out into the twisting blue light of hyperspace. He had always found that the void between systems made him contemplative. This jump, he could indulge that thought exercise.

He had left the reserves, signing on for yet another tour of duty with the fleet. He had left his comfortable home, with the career he loved and the wife he adored. He had travelled back to the Phoenix and had endured a month of re-entry training, brushing up on his piloting and re-experiencing fleet life. He had choked down the miserable rations and had suffered while re-acclimating to the loss of personal space.

All that, why?

It was the same answer as it had been the last two times he'd re-joined.

Honour. While his career at home had its own merits, the fleet's mission had always been to protect the people it served. He saw no greater honour than that and recalled the myths of his homeworld of the men wearing antiquated steel plating, wielding crude sharpened sticks who placed themselves between harm and their charges.

Duty. While the recall order had been optional, he had never seen it as such. When the fleet asked for volunteers to return to fill the rosters worn thin by battle, he did so knowing that it would allow someone else to remain at home with their family. He knew his duty was also to his fleetmates.

Pride. Yes, that sin from myths. He could not help but swell with pride each time he wore his uniform, knowing that he had earned every piece of metal on his chest through hard work and skill. He had outlived countless friends and even more enemies while working his way up the ranks, flying hundreds of sorties. He had earned recognition and acclaim amongst his peers by serving multiple tours in the elite Avenger squadron in addition to his multiple tours as a squadron commander. He was proud of the souvenirs at home and was eager to add more this time around.

Yes, this time around would be much of the same for him. He would serve diligently, protecting the people he had sworn an oath to do so as well as serve the fleet as he had done before.

The shuttle pilot's voice broke into his thoughts. "Exiting hyperspace in 3, 2, 1. Entering real space. IFF shows the Hammer is here and waiting. Are you ready, sir?"

"Yes, thank you Lieutenant, take us in," he replied. He keyed his comms, connecting through to the communications watch stander on the bridge. "Ensign, this is Lieutenant Colonel Kenath Zoron, ID code 6377-CPS-13932. Reporting for duty."

The ensign replied quickly, "Yes sir. Your squadron commander, Captain Kroan, will be waiting for you on the hanger deck to meet you. Welcome back, sir." The ensign snapped a salute before signing off.

Zoron turned off the comms and looked out at the vast bulk of the Hammer. He saw the CAP flitting about it, and he smiled, eager to get into the cockpit again. Once more into the breach.

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