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Written by: Kenath Zoron and posted on: Nov 26, 2013

"Promotions" by LC Zoron 6377

"Attention. Commander on deck!"

"At ease men," Captain Kroan stated as he waved the gathered pilots of Beta Squadron and its sister squadrons into their seats. "Thank you for joining me here today. I know that Beta didn't have a choice in coming, but for the rest of you it was voluntary, so it's great to see so many of you here. It's not often we get to celebrate the little things but today we are. I've got a number of items to address, so let's get started."

A hand shot up.

"Yes, Major?" Kroan looked at Tek Selkirk, raising a questioning eye.

"When we're done, do we get to go kill something? I haven't blown up any enemies in days. I'm starting to get the shakes!" Tek held out his hand, demonstrating for all in the room just that.

"I'm sure we can find you something." Kroan turned back to the group. "Sub-Lieutenant Upsidexomup, come up here please."

The young pilot approached nervously. When he got to the front of the room, Kroan had to take him by the shoulders and point him back to the gathered pilots. "You've finished your basic training and you managed to score your first kill last week. I'm not going to point out that the Y-Wing you destroyed was already disabled, but a kill is a kill." Upsidexomup flushed but the room laughed and Kroan smiled. "Due to this, and your eager performance in administrative duties, I have two items for you today. Congratulations Lieutenant on your elevation to role of Flight Leader for second flight." Kroan handed Upsidexumop the distinctive brick of red and blue tabs signalling his promotion to full-fledged Lieutenant and also the red and gold Flight Leader device.

The group clapped and cheered enthusiastically as Upsidexumop replaced the appropriate insignias on his uniform. As he moved to return to his seat, Kroan turned to Julon Lommax. "Your turn Sub-Lieutenant. Front and centre." This time, the young pilot at the front figured out the direction he needed to face without help from Kroan.

"Even though you've only been with us  a few days, you too have managed to get your first kill. For the rest of the group who might not have heard yet, Julon was pressed into battle while he was flying in from the Daedalus. A pair of R41s and a Skipray were discovered at one of the jump points and they were seen to be pirates by their actions attacking a group of Imperial transports. Julon engaged and destroyed the Skipray and drove off the remaining R41s just as reinforcements from Epsilon arrived in response to the distress signal." Kroan broke for a moment while the group clapped. "As such, I am happy to promote you to Lieutenant  as well!" Kroan passed the rank tabs to Lommax as well before Lommax scrambled back out of the limelight to his fellow Betans.

"Finally, as many of you know, Beta was able to re-open due to the response of so many of you coming back from the Reserves. I know that many of you left family back at home to answer the call and I, along with the rest of the commanders, are grateful. As a result of that, I've completed the hunt for my final Flight Leader. Lieutenant-Colonel Zoron, if you would be so kind as to join me up here please." The large man eased out of his seat and sauntered to the front of the room, smiling the whole way. "Colonel, I'm certain you know how to put these on," Kroan joked as he handed Zoron the Flight Leader device.

"Yessir, won't be the first time," Zoron said with a laugh that was joined by many of the other old-timers in the room.

"And with that, Beta has re-organized into three 2-man flights, with Lommax joining me in first flight, Upsidexumop leading Zeke in second flight, and Zoron doing his best to point Tek towards the enemy in third flight. Thank you all again, stay safe out there. Dismissed!"

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