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Morning Inspection with Beta Squadron

Written by: Jarion Renalds and posted on: Jan 6, 2014

"Commander on deck!"

The words echoed across the long metallic corridor which formulated the entity of Beta Squadron's living quarters upon the ISD Hammer. Each pilot automatically ceased whatever activity they had been engaged in and stood at attention, the resonating sound of polished shoes hitting the decking in unison as loud the words causing them to do so.

"Form up!" Came another voice this time, more gruff and experienced than the previous speaker.

Instinctively the men formed up in a line across the dead-end corridor, each standing outside their respective rooms, now standing at ease. With all the Betans accounted for, Captian Kroan stepped forward, the sliver of a grin resting upon an edge of his lip. His medals, pinned neatly on his dress uniform, glinted from the depressing artificial lighting, an incident that also happened with his shoes and belt buckle. His presence on the deck meant only one thing for the membership of Beta Squadron.

Morning inspection had begun.

Lieutenant Jarion Renalds stood as still as possible, his height making him stand out a little from the pilots either side of him. His uniform smelt new, the dark sage clearly opposing his rather pale skin, a result from spending a large portion of his life in space.

This was his first tour of duty in the TIE Corps, his graduation at IWATS just less than a month earlier. Due to his efforts though, his uniform was not completely bare of decoration. Jarion could feel the ribbon and medal on the left side of his chest, the hanging metal of the Palpatine Crescent pulling slightly. On the same side of his collar, a metal pin with the markings 'LOA' sat comfortably, marking him as an officer of the Logistics Department. These few achievements however, paled in comparison to the combat awards and imperial stars that addorned the uniforms of many of his peers. The Lieutenant surmised that he had a very long way to go in service to the Empire before he too could be considered a veteran. If he survived until then.

Jarion's train of thought ceased when the Captain's face appeared in front of him, the Lieutenant having momentarily forgot that he was next in line. Instantly, he stood to attention, his brown eyes staring at the plain, grey wall behind his CO, a luxury of his height.

"Lieutenant Jarion Davis Shelton Renalds, serial number 4647-01971. Ready for inspection, sir." Said the Pilot, his right hand leaving his side to deliver a salute towards Kroan.

The Captain returned the salute, dropping his hand as he examined Jarion's uniform, walking in a circle as each fibre of the standard-issue equipment was taken in by the veteran's keen eye. Throughout the inspection Jarion did not move an inch, his back straight and hands tightened with the thumbs pointing down his legs, as if following an imaginary crease line. Eventually the Captain came back around to face the taller man, the traces of a slight grin on his lip yet again.

"At ease, Lieutenant." He ordered, continueing as Jarion complied and changed stance, causing the range of the height between the two to lessen. "You have gotten accustomed to things here pretty quickly, Renalds. More so than most faces we see arriving fresh out from Daedalus."

"Thank you, sir." Replied Jarion, the urge to smirk suppressed in favour of his continued passive expression.

"As you were, Lieutenant Renalds." Said Beta's CO, snapping off a quick salute, which Jarion returned as he moved on to inspect Sub-Lieutenant Ragnar.

The Captain was quick with Thorzan and had soon paced back up the corridor, turning to quickly to address the squadron and inform them of the day's schedule. It was the same as usual, with only miniscule time changes and the like.

Once Kroan had gone and everybody had fallen out of formation, Jarion returned to his room. It was the simple bunk, equipment locker and desk, quite standard as far as low-tier officer quarters went. Opening the locker with one hand, Jarion unbuttoned his dress uniform jacket with the other. He pulled out his duty uniform, laying it across his desk and taking parts of it as he swiftly got changed. The Lieutenant had never liked this uniform, the plain and empty looking kit rather distasteful in his point of view. Still, it was comfortable to wear and got the job done, so he couldn't really complain.

"Hey, Renalds."

The former Republic pilot looked up as he finished putting on his shoes to see Ragnar standing by the door, already dressed in his duty uniform and arms crossed. The Sub-Lieutenant had only been in Beta for two weeks, but the two Imperials had gotten along very well, mostly because they had the same outlook on things.

“Thorzan.” Replied Jarion, acknowledging the newer member of Beta.


“Let’s go.” Urged Ragnar, gesturing for them both to move on towards the turbo-lift on the far side of the living deck. “Today is the day I beat your score on the flight sims.”

Jarion smirked, standing up tall in his new attire now that he had finished with his shoes.

“I suppose anything is possible.”

The Lieutenant continued to smirk as he walked with Thorzan towards the lift, thinking about what ship-life had in store for him, and how unique this day was going to be for him.

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