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Blood on the Dune Sea

Written by: Ulrich Drachen and posted on: Feb 20, 2014

After receiving my mission orders I arrived on Tatooine in search of my target a one Major Doright. He is here on Tatooine for the insane purpose of trying to reclaim an old czerka base in the Dune Sea. Which is supposedly holding technology he believes would greatly improve the New Republic’s weapons technology.

Well Him being right or wrong is meaningless to me all I know is he is wanted dead and that’s why I’m sitting here in this cantina having a few drinks and watching this skinny pale young officer buying yet another round of drinks for his “friends”. He obviously hasn’t been here long no one being out in those 2 suns day in and out like Doright’s expedition has been can be that pale. I’m waiting and watching since he will be my ticket to finding the expedition and completing my task quickly and then I can get off this blasted rock.

Ah finally there is the wench I paid to hit on the Jr officer and looks like the number of drinks his consumed has made him easy prey for it wasn’t long for her to get him to “take her home”. Boy he will be in for a surprise when instead of being laid in bed by a beautiful woman he is being tortured by me to his sorry bitter end.

So I continued to sit there let her “prep” my subject while I finished a few drinks. Then I went back to the abandoned hanger I found when I first got here and there she was with my evenings entertainment tied to a table and gagged with so much fear in his eyes already that I instantly projected horrible images into his head about what will be fall him over the next hours and days. This proved to be very effective since he started weeping and making a mess of himself and my table.

I excused the Bounty Hunter I hired for “such a simple task” as she put it and I couldn’t have agreed more this entire job should be a cakewalk. I was only assigned to it because after the only other assignation mission I was given ended in what they called the worst failure ever in the Emperor’s Hammer. They thought this one mission even I couldn’t screw up provided that I don’t blow up half a city block. To many “innocent” people got killed which i could have gotten a way with if that target didn’t get out alive.

No matter to me I still considered that mission a success I got what I wanted and every detail went just perfectly fine to me, but anyway as for my new sobbing friend here. He was still quivering from the nasty images he believes would be happening to him momentarily.

I started to prep him a little more before I started what I figured to be a long questioning period these blasted Repub officers can be a tough nut to crack even one so fragile like this. I relaxed with the force and started to dim his senses his sight and hearing mostly to add to the fear already within him.

I finally took the gag off and before I could say a word I was dumbfounded by the amount of information my subject spewed forth everything from his name rank serial number straight down to the size of his underwear…. For a half hour straight he told me everything I wanted and didn’t want to know… except for where exactly the Doright’s camp was. One simple question later I had the coordinates, guard schedule and everything I ever wanted to know about that camp…. They were right when they told me you’d have to be an idiot to screw this job up.

So now that I had the information I needed I had to listen to this fool scream for me not to kill him to please let him go. Unfortunately I think he already knew that was not going to happen he was screaming to loud now and I couldn’t just let him go as much of a fool he is I will have the entire camp in lock down and be hunted by Repubs. For as quickly he sold them out I’m sure he would lead them right back to me in a heartbeat.

With a calm thought I reached out with the force around his neck and slowly squeezing his windpipe till first he stopped screaming. To which I thanked him for all his help and finally crushed his windpipe completely. Took a few seconds for him to stop twitching but it was done and I had to prepare to go out and take care of my mission before they realize this fool is missing. Hopefully his drinking buddies just assume he is still with my lady friend for at least till the morning.

I called the bounty hunter and made arrangement for a quick get away for after the job. As we discussed plans I started packing and preparing to leave when she calls me over and asks “What do you want to do with this”? pointing at the mangled body on the table. In the moment I realized I have to get rid of this body before someone finds it and alerts the base. So I instructed the Bounty Hunter to wrap the body and strap it to my speeder. I will be traveling over the vast dune sea and just dumping the body out there would not only be easy, but IF the body was ever found it will be long after my job was done.

The camp itself was only about 50 miles north of Mos Eisley and the night is still young I can be there before well before dawn scout the area for a good vantage point, set up, make my kill and be back in time to meet the Bounty Hunter to get out of her before anyone can raise to much of an alarm.

As the twin suns rose over the dune sea the next mooring I had found some cover in some hills overlooking the base camp. Where I laid in wait for my target to make his morning appearance to inspect the troops and give out today’s orders. The camp has been busy in the last half hour men and women getting breakfast, some doing PT and some basic training to stay fit and sharp. Only in the last 10 mins have things started to get serious where they are beginning to form up waiting for their “leader” to make his morning speech.

I have my Verpine Sniper Rifle loaded and trained on the spot where Major Doright will give his final speech. You may wonder why I picked this weapon and it’s simple. It’s quiet, has no recoil and is completely lethal from this range. Also with a 20 round clip I could take out a few extra repubs to cause the maximum amount of confusion to aid in my escape. Being less than a half-mile from them the longer it takes them to start looking for me the more of a heads start over this blasted desert I’ll have.

The next ten minutes fly by and in 15 minutes after that the camp is in a frenzy, the Major is dead and I’m already on my speeder heading back to the pick up point 20 miles east of the camp. I picked that location since the repubs will have Mos Eisley under lock down by the time I could travel the 50 miles back there or they could spot me by air in an open desert. So I picked a spot about half the distance and in a direction they wouldn’t expect to look first made the most sense.

The rendezvous went well and we were leaving the planets atmosphere all while we were hearing the reports of Mos Eisely’s spaceport being locked down and all ships to be searched for an assassin.

Hopefully this will please my superiors and I even followed their “orders” not to kill any unintended targets. I really don’t like these jobs but they do allow me to be a bit creative and getting off the Swift Fury is always an extra bonus as well. Since it allows me the opportunity to take the long way home to take care of some business no one needs to know about.

At that moment the ships intercom crackles to life “We have cleared the planet and I’ll set course to meet up with your frigate. I should have you back in … “I break her off “No we are not going back just yet”. We aren’t but your orders and my contract said to take you back immediately”. “Yes I am aware of my orders and your contract but we need to make a stop and I promise you that you won’t miss out on any money due you and you will get a bonus if you can keep this detour silent”. After a couple seconds of silence the intercom came back on “Fine! But if this goes bad or I don’t get my fee I’ll take it out of your hide! Do you understand”? “Completely my dear this will be well worth your time.”

“So where are we going?” Give me a moment and I’ll give them to you. I flip the intercom off opened a communication channel. “I’m on my way. It shouldn’t take long for me to arrive. I assume I’ll meet you at the same place as last time?” A deep voice answered back “Yes I’ll be there in 2 days and our guest has given some very interesting information.” “Then I’ll look forward to hearing it … See you in 2 days.” I turned off the com channel and heading to the bridge. I must act quickly before I’m gone to long and anger my superiors. I don’t need them discovering and interfering in our plans…

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