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Written by: Ulrich Drachen and posted on: Mar 15, 2014

On a rooftop on a luxury Highrise apartment building 4 shadowy figures move around in the shadows in a dark secluded corner tucked in with all the ventilation ducts and various antennae. 2 Spec Ops EH troopers, Starkillerny and the leader for this mission Zephon were there to infiltrate a corrupt senator’s apartment searching for his hidden vault, rumored to house a vast fortune of credits from his illegal dealings with the Hutts all in the exchange for passing favorable legislation for the Hutts to keep their smuggling operations going inside EH territory.

            As the troopers are setting up the camera feeds and another necessary equipment for the job Star asked "So Zeph what are we facing here"? Zeph took a second and then while reviewing his data pad listed off the mission objectives and in Star mind he heard "blah blah ... must be quiet ... blah blah could be intense fighting blah.."

            Zeph noticing he was losing Star asked "So you got that Star"?  "Yeah, sure.  Sooo how many guards are we talking about here?"  Star asked to avoid suspicion that he wasn't paying attention. "Only 5, but we need ...."

            "ONLY 5! Oh this will be easy you take and hit the south side one trooper I’ll take the other and we will hit the north quick take out the guard then hit the safe, blast that and BAM home before anyone knows it"!

            Zephon now with this shocked look and says in a hushed but stern voice" NO STAR and for god sakes pay attention this time We HAVE to do this Quietly beyond the guards there are tons of cameras and if anything gets trips the place locks up tighter then DB motor pool when trying to get transport off world. So you my ‘subtle as a sledgehammer’ friend will stay up here and keep an eye on the cameras while me and the troopers go inside and neutralize the security so we can rob this place WITHOUT setting off any alarms.

            "WAIT!" Star almost screamed but trying to keep his voice down "You want me to sit up here and twiddle my thumbs till I’m summoned like a dog"?

            At this point the troopers were finished with their work and nervously watched the two Sith argue. One trooper whispered to the other "I wonder how long they been married?" While trying to fight back laughing the other trooper just tried to compose himself before announcing "Sirs, the equipment is set up and we are ready to go when you’re ready".

            Zephon sternly told Star "Go take you position and if you have a problem with this we will discuss it AFTER the mission.. Understood?" "You can count on that, Zeph. You can count on it".

            Star then spent the next 20 min. watching the limited camera angles trying to communicate guards movements but every so often he was told to keep the channel clear or one of the cameras would go dark since they disabled it. So as this continued for another 10 or so min. Star stopped watching the cameras since they were utterly useless now and started to get bored and angry. So to try and maintain focus Star started to mediate and relax within the Force.

            Star slowly started to drift away to either Nirvana or sleep when all of a sudden there was this loud BANG. Which snapped Star's Attention back to the screen to remember the camera were useless. Within a split second later this Blaring Alarm sounds off and over the Radio he hears Zephon scream "GO LOUD".

            Within a split second Star ignites both his lightsabers and leaps from his station and through a skylight into the main living room where he instinctively throws a lightsaber at the nearest guard killing him while jumping over a large chair to strike down the other guard in the room right before he catches his first saber.

            As Star rushes through the apartment he catches up with Zeph and the trooper just as they take out the final guards... "What the hell happened?" Star screamed... "No time to explain how a gun went off and the guards were on top of us". Zephon quickly explained "What?!?! Who the hell..."

            Zephon cut him off "STAR focus the mission is screwed this place is locked down and we got to get out of here".

            "TROOPER CALL IN A EVAC AND LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE"! Zephon ordered and the troopers snapped into action and ran to the roof to get the gear and make the call.

            Star snapped himself back to reality and asked "So you telling me that after all of the planning and all of the time wasted you’re telling me we are now running with our tails between our legs with nothing to show for it"?

            "Yes Star this totally went to hell and I’m so.." Star cut him Zephon off "For god sakes I'm going to choke the guy that screwed this mission when I find out which one of them did it." With that Star turns and bolts up the stairs to the roof.

            As what looked like to be a full companies worth of security personal showing up to the complex Zephon's squad is already 3 blocks away in the their transport speeding towards the spaceport so they could get off the planet as quick as possible.

            Once the 4 failed "thieves" are now safely in hyperspace Zeph heads back to the crew quarters to find Star screaming and force choking both troopers interrogation them as to which one blew the Mission.

            "Star Stand Down! Immediately! They are not to blame the gun just accidentally went off when I got startled and bumped into a table as I turned around".

            Star for the second time today stood stunned staring at Zephon still choking the troopers ... "Wait you blew the mission"? "Yes... I did" Zephon sheepishly admitted Star let go of the troopers you were now coughing and gagging on the floor. "So let me get this straight 'Master Thief' I had to be on the Cameras because I am to ... how did you put in 'Subtle as a sledgehammer' and you’re the one that fires an unsilenced weapon in the middle of a stealth mission"?

            "It wasn’t' my fault ... " Zephon tried to explain .... but Star quickly cut him off "Well there is no need to explain to me I'll let you explain to Crsepe how this mission failed and I am going to love to see his face when you tell him I wasn't the one that screwed the whole thing up. But for now I’m going to get and drink and relax." And with that Star heads to the bridge and starts laughing, “Master Thief.. HA!!!”

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