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the great jedi purge

Written by: Amar Yamato and posted on: Apr 9, 2008

i was sleeping in my bunk at the temple on an ordinary night and all of a sudden BANG! a grenade explaoded waking up me and my younglings we got up and saw the tragety unfold before us hundreds of clones surging into the temple killing the apprentaces and knights that were fighting back and with more troops coming in via LAAT gunships so i told the younglings to go to the council chainber and hide...as far as i know none of them survived i saw bodies killed by a lightsaber some were mine but strangly not all of my younglings bodies were there...anyways a jumped over and baguan fighting the troops with by cousins (who all habe unique sabers as do i) we knew that we couldent last long even in a group but an idea came to our minds when we saw echucu shen jon escape via gunship so we fought our way to the ship and made it (all alive) but as we were flying away my oldest cousin was shot even with his dual lightsaber/vibrosword blocking him he wsent dead but he fell out of the ship unconchusly and died on impact with the ground below. we flew off and landed on naboo... to be continued

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