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that fateful day part 1

Written by: Amar Yamato and posted on: Apr 9, 2008

we landed at theed a few months (or a few years...i forget :D) ago and found a new home we worked as bodyguards for the queen we knew we (and the queen) were safe the days went by quite uneventful (except for the occasional racist gungan assasination attempts and the confusion caused by the random apperances of simon the killer ewok...)the greatest problems up to that day were "plumber roach inspections" a batalion of stormtroopes would go through every room in evrey building in the city looking for "plumber roaches" i doubt there is a such thing as a plumber roach...but one day we were woken by an alarm it said "ALL TROOPS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS I REPEAT ALL TROOPS OF THE NABOO MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS AN IMP STAR DESTROYER IS IN ORBIT!

to be continued...

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