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Written by: TheBlackxRanger and posted on: Jun 30, 2021

It was a long day of fighting on the battlefront. Friends were lost, enemies were taken down. A long strenuous battle had just occurred against wave after wave of troops. In the end our squad emerged victorious with TheBlackxRanger placing 3rd best out of his squad, in his first ever fight on the battlefront. They return to the barracks and celebrate, winding down from an adrenaline fueled battle. Now comes time to submit the battle report and earn credit for his victory. But TheBlackxRanger realizes something, “Wait, this was my first ever after action report for battlefront, how do I go about this? This is much different than what I am accustomed to”

TheBlackxRanger decides to visit COO Fleet Admiral Miles Prower to consult the preferred method of submitting these reports. TheBlackxRanger enters Miles’ office…

“Hello Fleet Admiral Miles, I am working on submitting my report through the proper channels however I am not familiar on procedure. Here are a few examples I have prepared, do these look correct?” The COO looks over the paperwork just handed to him and takes a long pause. …

“Hmm, these are acceptable”, says Miles. TheBlackxRanger is excited! Not only did he manage a victory, he also provided the proper paperwork to prove his results.
“Thank you, Sir!” says TheBlackxRanger as he salutes.
“Dismissed”, says Miles and TheBlackxRanger returns to his bunk and turns in for the night.

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