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AlexanderK9's Biography

Written by: AlexanderK9 and posted on: Jul 18, 2021
Born upon Arkanis in the year 5 BBY to a promising young Imperial Army officer cadet- Soran Klein-, who was studying at the Arkanis Academy, and his wife- Julindae Klein-, who was a junior leader of the Imperial Security Bureau working for its Department of Advanced Weapons Research as an astrophysicist. Soran had started his life on Jelucan, and was fast-tracked into the Jelcuan Preparatory Academy before attending the Arkanis Academy, while Julindae lived on Arkanis her whole life, having been educated through the Sub-Adult Group Education program lead by the Coalition for Progress, a sub-bureau of the Commisson for the Preservation of the New Order. Soran met Julindae in the year 9 BBY through the holo-net in a far-sighted notion to prepare for his time at the Arkanis Academy. He did, of course, also meet people on Coruscant and Lothal and other areas with such academies- but since he ended up on Arkanis, he pursued Julindae. They were married early in the year before Alexander's birth and soon after Soran arrived on Arkanis. Thankfully for Alexander, the two imparted upon each other some of the skills that they each had- Soran taught Julindae how to defend herself, and the basics imparted to him in his Strategy and Tactics course. Julindae taught Soran how to hack, and rudimentary espionage and sabotage. This became quite important- for Alexander, at least- because, in the year 3 BBY, Julindae ran mistakenly became privy to a disturbing piece of information: Alexander Klein was listed in a database detailing local Force-sensitive babies, adolescents, and children who were potential candidates for Project Harvester. 
Immediately, Soran and Julindae hatched a plan and jumped into action. Soran enlisted in an extra academy class on hacking and used an Academy computer to create a program that would- when interfaced into another computer, datapad, or any information-transmitting device- hijack signals and data under the guise of working for his class. He copied the program to a datachip and brought it home to Julindae, who had brought home a bag full of datachips she was able to discretely skim from her office. They copied the program over onto the datachips- to the number of over 500 datachips!- and then they both dropped them around the academy or their office's building complex after configuring a burner computer- that they had a local street kid buy "off the record" from a seedy shop by bartering with physical, untraceable goods- to receive the data from the chip-infected devices. Weeks and weeks went by at a agonizing snail's pace, but before a month was up, they hit a gold mine: the obsolete but still present records on the members of Commandant Brendol Hux's cadre- the Commandant's Cadets- surveilled by Leonis Zare and compiled by Lieutenant Chiron. 
Julindae approached a current member who seemed particulary susceptible to manipulation and, over the course of a couple of months, molded him to her will. Soran did this with a female member of the Commandant's Cadets. Julindae got him into her office, onto the computer she had found the database with Alexander on it from, and successfully distracted the rest of her complex while he completed the task she set upon him- to hack into the database and edit Alexander's profile, eliminating all traces of his Force-sensitivity and any eligibility for Project Harvester. When he got out and gave her the signal, she allowed the ruse to end, and went back into her building before excusing herself from work early. She went home and let Soran know, and he immediately went to his converted Cadet- taking Alexander with him- and had her take the baby to the spaceport and get him smuggled offworld. Alexander was taken to hide in plain sight amongst the many inhabitants of Coruscant in early year 2 BBY, and left aboard the starship that took him there with only a datapad telling whoever took him what he was to be called: "AlexanderK9".
AlexanderK9 grew up a street rat on Coruscant and- without any education at all other than the basic one afforded to most who lived in society- joined the Imperial Military as soon as he was of age. Found to be an exceptional pilot, he was granted entry to the Imperial Startfleet's Starfighter Corps, and worked his way quickly up the ranks from Ensign to Junior Lieutenant and then to Senior Lieutenant. He earned himself the callsign Canine, both because of his name and because of his dogged nature. In the year 24 ABY, Canine was laterally transferred into the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, where he completed his IWATS training within four days. Having become a Sub-Lieutenant as such, he then performs his first mission within a week from that time as well as completing his Tie Corps CORE course in preparation for his promotion to Lieutenant Commander while waiting for his promotion to Lieutenant. 
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