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Family Matters

Written by: Miles Prower and posted on: May 31, 2008
    "Hello Jarek," I said with my back to the TIE Corps veteran officer just as he came into my office on Ullyr. He looked startled for a moment, but then relaxed as I turned my chair to face him, with a calm and reassuring smile. I was in the standard tunic of a System Moff, which was styled similarly to the old Grand Moff uniforms only with a rankboard styled after the TIE Corps rank of Colonel only with dark purple replacing the red, notating my position as a System Moff and also the aristrocratic rank of Baron. I was the Baron of Pilrath, wherever that was. I also looked older than my 43 years.with all the stresses of the past few years. The disaster in Setii System. The death of young Velan Letherai, my family and as well as most of my Regional Governors. Erasamus' rebellion. Convocation. Janta's breakdown. I looked like hell for it, my cheekbones visible and my dark brown hair thinning even more, some of it going silver at the tips.

    Jarek La'an however looked as always, younger than me as always. He was one of the youngest Command Officers in the Emperor's Hammer along with me during my short tenure of Logistics Officer. He was Communications Officer and we had a friendly manner with each other that carried over on our return to the flight ranks, he becoming the Commodore of the ISD Subjugator, while I took the reins of the commander-less Viper Squadron, which he would later join as a Flight Member which left poor old Major Thaas "Furball" Pobyn to command the Sub. Remembering waking up at ungodly hours to the Bothan's tirades about holo-net updates and bureaucracy was very humorous to all of Wing XIX. La'an's sister, Janta was the former Minister of Education.

    "Hello Miles." the younger La'an said. "I recieved your message."
    "Of course," I replied. "I made sure you were the first of anyone to know. Even before the Grand Moff."

    "I saw Janta over at the villa. Thank you for taking her in." Jarek bowed his head. "You do your friend many a service time and time again."

    "I believe my friends deserve whatever I can get them." I replied. "Janta is recieving the best of care, and I myself have been visiting her."

    "I'm sure you have." Jarek said. "May I sit?"

    "Of course." I said, rising up from my chair. I went around my desk and pulled back one of the audience chairs. Jarek nodded and sat down. I went back to my own chair.

    "I've been thinking, Tails." Jarek said, using my call-sign. "It's been a few years since Maria died."

    "Eight years." I said quietly.

    "I noticed that since then you've put yourself close to Janta since you came here."

    I nodded. "Besides it being convienent for me to teach Operating System at IWATS, Janta has served as an extremely talented mentoress. Besides that.."

    "You find her intellectually equal to yourself." Jarek said. "Miles. I haven't been able to see my sister as much as I liked. I always want her to have the best. I also want to make sure you have the best as well."

    "Of course." I said, seeing where this was going.

    "You're a widower and Janta never had anyone." Jarek said leaning forward. "Why don't you reach out further to her?"

    My cheeks reddened as blood surged to capillaries, causing the blush reaction. "Who says that I haven't?"

    Jarek then laughed. "Good. At least I know you're not a frozen fox. Listen, I'm going to visit Janta again in a bit. Would you like to join us for luncheon?"

    I had Project SHODAN to attend to and a meeting with Sam Rajax but then again, I was a System Moff. Within the boundaries of Phare, I could make my own time.

    "Of course." I said. "Old Furball's got the Subjugator here on a commerce cruise. Maybe we can get him to pick up the tab."

    Jarek rolled his eyes and then laughed again.
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