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New Battledroid - Stage Alpha by HNR Skarcious

Written by: Fratus Sinister and posted on: Jul 18, 2008

Designer: HNR Skarcious

Motivator - Compressed-Hydrogen Fuel Cells. ( Lasts about, 100 years, Due to extremely compressed hydrogen, Allowing it to continue to use these Cells for quite longer than would normally be anticipated )
Gender - Masculine programming.
Height - Two meters. ( These things have to be able to be stored easily, Or they lose efficiancy. )
Sensor Color - Red. ( Following the Tarkin Doctrine, The Red 'Eyes' Will Help Instill Fear In Others. )
Primary Armor Material - Phrik. ( Expensive, But Quality Over Quantity. )
Alternative Armor Material - Durasteel. ( Incase the Phrik models are too expensive for whatever reason, I unno if these should be mass produced or what, So i figured i'd add these details. )
Sensor System - Compacted Infared Sensors, Nightvision, And Thermal Sensors. ( They can run, But they can't hide )
Shielding - Anti-Electromagnetic-pulse field generator, Anti-Radiation shielding, Particle Shielding.
Repulsor-lift system - Compact repulsor-lift systems installed in the back of the droid's torso ( to help it ease falling, or whatever due to impact and what not )
Cooling systems: Although radiation and particle shielding should protect it, It would need cooling systems to keep the circuts inside the casing from overheating and malfunctioning
Roles ( Programmed abilities ) - Sabotage, Demolitions, Assassination, Infiltration, Squad-tactics ( When working as infantry, Should it be used as infantry ), Piloting, Slicing, And bodyguard.
Onboard weaponry - Dual retractable/concealed wristblades coated in malkite themfar ( it's a nerve toxin from wookieepedia.com xD ), Dual Compacted shoulder-mounted concentrated-laser cannons. ( Fires a simalar beam to the beam rifle used in Starwars battlefront two. ), Sonic wave emitters. ( Extremely high frequency is used to distort the minds of it's opponents, allowing it to decimate them with extreme efficiancy and instill fear in it's adversaries. )
Appearance - Simalar to those of the IG-100 Magnaguards, I can't have an exact reference to a decent appearance because it's a custom model.
Designation - Whatever you see fit, You're the Governor General, You should do the honors, Should this model be chosen of course.
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