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Arrival on Ullyr

Written by: Michael Saxon and posted on: Aug 30, 2008

The members of the press from the planet Ullyr within the Phare system sat in their seats, many of them chatting quietly amongst themselves. The Governor General had scheduled a small press release for today, which he did periodically. At the front of the large room in which the guests sat was a podium, the front emblazoned with the seal of the Emperor's Hammer Directorate. Behind the podium were five people, all governors of Ullyr. In the center was Keth D'Jek, the Governor General. To his right sat Czulvang Lah and Janta La'an, with Hostan Dreever and Michael Saxon likewise on his left. They were all in formal dress, and each had a halfway-pleasant smile as they stared quietly into the assembled paparazzi.

As the people present within the room began to fidget, Knight Keth D'Jek stepped up to the podium, leaning in slightly closer to the microphone. "Citizens of Ullyr," he spoke, taking a moment to clear his throat. "It is time for the scheduled press release to begin. I have but one item on the agenda to announce to you today. I am elated to say that with us today we have a new Regional Governor, the Right Honorable Michael Saxon. He is fresh from the Governor's Academy, and has many aspirations to serve you well. Without further adieu, I give you all Governor Saxon."

As the newest governor had risen from his chair, the attending citizens clapped for a short while as a formality. Knight D'Jek and Right Honorable Saxon shook hands before the latter approached the podium. He began to speak almost immediately, his deep voice crisp and clear. "I would like to begin by thanking the Governor General for the introduction that he just gave. He pretty much said all that needed to be said. I look forward to serving you in the best of my capacity, and thank you for all of your support and all the support you will give me. I am honored to be here today and I have many goals that I'd like to achieve as a Regional Governor. Thank you." Michael smiled for a moment at the crowd before stepping back and sitting down. Keth was back at the podium in no time.

"Thank you to all of you who have attended this afternoon. This meeting is adjourned."

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