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Written by: Velan Letherai and posted on: Aug 2, 2007

Velan had only just been assigned to the planet Hades when she began trecking through all the possible history on the planet she could find. The office was surprisingly cool and the Regional Governor was flicking through yet another archive text when a page burnt itself into her mind as she read the words almost aloud. It occurd almost three hundred years ago, an eruption of power on the planet, a reason to keep Hades within the empire as a useful system. Grasping another text from the same era, Velan began scanning it's perfectly prevserved pages for another account of the visit to Hades by a Senator. Finding absolutley no mention of the incident in any other text Velan was intrigued and mystified. It could not possibly be a false account, there would be no need for such a thing.

The short journey to the Governor General's quaters seemed to drag itself out and annoy Velan. only giving her time to dismiss the archive text from her memory and turn around. She needed to forget any notion of the past now anyway, how else would she be able to remain unbiass and work with other Governors to ensure the research on Hades is performed to the top standards.

Composing herself back in the small closet, inappropriatly named an office, Velan grabbed her notes and began working on her first directive to improve the efficiency and capacity of her assigned system. The Regional Governor had many plans for Hades, expansion soon becoming her main devotion. Velan believed whole-heartedly that the planet was not being used to it's full advantage, and despite the dramatic and lethal atmosphere claimed that more inhabitants and even a society could be created on the surface for the sole purpose of research into suppression of severe atmospheric conditions.

Although it was not her political aspiration to rule a planet of less population than a single cantina on Coruscant, Velan would take the opportunity to prove she was a ruthless and undeniably admirable leader. She realised though, that in order to gain Hades the attention she so desired she would need something extraordinary.

Tilting her head slightly the ancient texts of the archive came back into view, and Velan had her something. Smiling she pounded the halls once again toward the Governor General's office, though this time she refused to worry herself. Slamming the door wide open Velan slammed the text in front of the GG. Smiling crudishly at her superior Velan began a proposition, which she hoped would not end in her transfer.

"You want a larger population and more funding to do with as you wish! I know you want more from leadership than a few dozen scientists and explorers. I have the key to bring Hades into the limelight and reveal this planet as a massively important source to the Empire."

The Governor sat in his soft chair as he peered up and over his desk at the Devaronion. Intruiged by her offer the GG motioned for her to continue.

"Almost 300 hundred years ago a new material was found beneath the crust of the planet. As yet it has no name, but it was discovered by a research fanatic called Monothist. He believed the substance could be used to alter a persons' metabolic cell sequence in the skin and flesh. So Monothist began his research and experiments, shutteling prisoners from Ghenna. While he wasnt fully sucessful, Monothist did establish that the metabolism could be increased or decreased using the substance aswell as the viscocity of the blood and temperature of the brain. That would have enabled someone to actually explore the planet. Least thats what he believed. I believe that this advancement would mean the creation of stronger, faster and tougher fighters. Afterall, a superincreased metabolism means it takes a lot more to harm you in the first place and then you heal almost instantaneously anway. It gives us the opportunity to increase brain capacity, strength and resistence capabilities, a whole new world of research, for which the Empire would pay greatly."

The Governor General had no doubt that such a discovery would not go unoticed. He relished the idea of hundreds more researchers being flooded onto Hades by the Empire but could only think of one thing in response as he shook his head.

"But you have no proof..." 

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