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Aurora System

Aurora Prime
Aurora Prime

System Statistics
Planet Name Aurora Prime Eos
Function Capital of Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet Dark Brotherhood Homeworld
Type Terrestrial Terrestrial
Radius 11,000 km 2,900 km
Distance from Star 1.2 AUs 1.2 AUs
Axial Tilt 7°  20°
Seasonal Changes Mild N/A
Orbit Circular Circular
Planetary Weather Mild N/A
Temperature Searing (-7°-30°C) Frigid (-150° to -85°C)
Atmosphere Type I (Breathable) None
Hydrosphere Moderate (65% free water) None
Gravity Standard (0.94 standard) Light (.2 standard)
Length of Day 23 Standard Days 12 Standard Hours
Length of Year 14 Local Days 45 Local Days
Terrain All Crater Field
Moons Eos N/A
Sapient Species Aurorans and some Imperials (primarily humans) Auroran/Imperial Colonists 
Starport Imperial Class Imperial Class
Population 2,250,000,000 Aurorans, 500,000,000 Imperial Citizens 750,000
Government Imperial Governor/Military Imperial Governor/Theocracy
Tech Level Space (sophisticated communications, droids, blasters, hyperspace travel)  Space (Imperial) and military
Major Exports Agricultural goods, medicines Minerals, ores
Major Imports Mid-high technology/industrial materials, metals, luxury goods All major necessities and materials
System Facilities
      Dark Hall on Eos (sanctum of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood)

      M/PLT Triad (SSSD Sovereign command/tender platforms)

      Fleet Commander's Palace (the FC's private retreat on Aurora)

      High Court of the Inquisitors

      New Imperial City

      Imperial Academy

      Clan Alvaak/Torpedo Sphere Empress Teta


Until the information obtained through the efforts of Bounty Hunters was revealed, the Aurora system was unknown. Its sun, Solaria, was recorded, but was believed to have no orbiting satellites. This error in observation was due to a cloud of stellar material that continually orbits Solaria, hiding its system details......
The information surveyed and transmitted by the Bounty Hunters initially revealed that there were indeed planetary bodies in orbit about Solaria. Furthermore, it was the xenophobic inhabitants of the main planet in the system who were partly responsible for hiding the system from the entire Galaxy. It was they who cleverly manipulated the stellar gases and material so as to obscure their homeworld form view. They accomplished this by adapting a primitive network of gravity well generators and tractor beams to the task of holding this stellar material together and causing it orbit Solaria in such a way that no one 'inside' the Galaxy would be able to see their planet.

The Fleet Commander has also recently authorized several structures be erected in New Imperial City, located on the western continent of New Laconica. New Imperial City will be based upon the architecture of Imperial Center on Coruscant. Several of the Emperor's lower level Imperial architects have been found, rescued from Coruscant and now reside planetside. Within this new marvel of Imperial engineering has been constructed the High Court of the Inquisitors, an Imperial Academy to internally train our military forces, the Fleet Commander's Palace and a new, highly complex Command Complex to be stationed in orbit in the retrofitted Torpedo Sphere, Empress Teta. In addition, millions of support personnel have been moved into the city which not only boosted the local economy but also provided the funding for construction of new libraries, eateries, theaters, coliseums, plazas, corporate centers and COMPNOR reeducation centers...Aurora has become a shining beacon of Imperial might, wisdom and education throughout the Outer Rim Territories... construction is nearly complete and the entire Aurora System is bustling with literally thousands of incoming and outgoing transports, freighters, tugs and their military escorts.

Due to the ever-present threat of the Rebellion in the Outer Rim, the Grand Admiral still requires that all military personnel serve extended tours of 3 to 5 years in space duty. Thus, the Fleet Command and associated command staff will remain on board the SSSD Sovereign rather than transfer to Aurora Prime...

The Emperor's Hammer recently conquered the Aurora System. Despite some initial objections from the Auroran High Council (which was subsequently "disbanded" in a series of covert bounty hunter missions), the Emperor's Hammer has swiftly and fully assimilated this world and claimed it as its "homeworld". With the arrival of the Hammer and its millions of supporters, technicians, families and followers, Aurora Prime (as the only habitable planet in-system is now referred to by the Imperials), has seen a remarkable increase in both colonization, technological upgrades and tourism planet-wide...Many Auroran natives have made immense fortunes already...muting most Auroran resistance to the Imperials. Much open land is available planetside for Emperor's Hammer personnel and their families, despite the debates raging among some younger Auroran nationals and environmentalists. It is rumored that Grand Admiral Ronin will soon announce that ALL Imperial Military personnel will be guaranteed an allotment of land on Aurora, provided their full term of service is successfully performed.

Solaria is a red dwarf star, located on the far-most echelon of stars of the Outer Rim region. It has the distinction of being the furthest star in this sector from the Galactic center. The small, but vibrant star occasionally (approximately once per Imperial Standard annum) undergoes "sunstorms," as the Aurorans call them. Miniature bursts of relatively harmless solar energy that permeate the system with willowing clouds of fast-moving, low-radiation plasma and visible light being reflected and refracted off the stellar dust formations. From the newly constructed spires of New Imperial City, these rare storms are a wonder to behold. Vast, overwhelming 'waves' of red and yellow light crossing the horizon. Native Auroran religious dogma places a great emphasis on these annual events...Some have linked the arrival of the last sunstorm, the largest and grandest ever recorded in Auroran history, with the arrival of the Imperials...

The last recorded mention of the star in the Imperial Survey Corps Database, prior to the arrival of the Emperor's Hammer, appears in an Imperial communications log. A stray TIE recon fighter had to be rescued after a minor skirmish with a rebel flight. The pilot used Solaria as a marker for his coordinates. Other than this one mention, the star had been only casually observed from a distance.

Solaria has only one planet in orbit, Aurora (now referred to as Aurora Prime), which was only recently discovered by the Imperium.  The planet of Aurora is a rather old, tectonically stable world. It was comparatively underpopulated prior to the arrival of the resource-hungry Imperials, but is still quite rich in natural resources. Recent Imperial colonization is growing exponentially and resources may soon be depleted on this world, forcing increased imports of basic foodstuffs. Aurora has an advanced, native civilization despite its seclusion from the rest of the Galaxy. The humanoid population is apparently heavily augmented by droids of radical design. Half of its surface is covered by water. There are only two land masses which are connected to each other by a wide land bridge, which is thought to be artificial.

Aurora's land is lushly covered in vegetation, and the population centers are small, well ordered and do not seem to adversely impact their surroundings. It is clear that the Aurorans have spent most of their time and genius on perfecting a quality of life for themselves. Their expertise in droid design, their work with gravity well generators and their control of their environment are evidence of this. In addition, most of the larger, surviving factories are located off world in orbiting Platforms.

Their military capability however, had suffered as a result. They had to rely on a small supply of outdated, obsolete fighting craft bought from a few trusted black market traders. Since they've not seen war for more than a standard century (an historic large scale Auroran Civil War), they had amassed a large defensive force over time. This lack of wartime experience was a liability when this force met the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet in combat and resulted in the quick defeat of the Auroran Defense Forces.

At any given time, 10 to 15 standard Imperial garrisons are stationed along key trade routes and within major population centers by the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet on Aurora Prime. The sight of dozens of AT-ATs and AT-STs rumbling across the less populated, backlands of Aurora searching for Auroran nationalists and environmentalists is a common one. Three full Divisions of Stormtroopers have been barracked in the major population centers of New Imperial City, Europa and Biblis. In addition, an Imperial Army Group, the Auroran Home Guard BattleGroup, and the Dark Jedi of Clan Alvaak defend the Aurora System from ANY intruders.

Although the Aurorans have essentially been allowed to maintain their daily routines, the Auroran High Council has been disbanded by the Fleet Commander and an Imperial Planetary Governor from the Directorate installed. Despite the pervasive Imperial presence, the Aurorans seem to have adjusted to their new situation, since to do otherwise would be hopeless against the massed firepower of the Emperor's Hammer Fleet.

Aurora has one natural moon, named Eos. Eos is significantly smaller than Aurora, but rich in ore deposits. It was formerly home to Auroran colonists, manufacturing and military facilities. Eos is now an extremely heavily garrisoned world since Eos is now home to the recently constructed Dark Hall of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Their watchful eye ever present high above the Auroran night sky...

The Dark Hall has been completed, and it's construction is a marvel of Imperial Engineering. The Hall itself, that is the Grand Master's Audience Chamber and the Main Auditorium, are located on the surface of the moon of Eos. The Dark Hall then burrows into the moon itself, with the Private chambers of the Grand Master and training area for the Dark Jedi being located at the center. (see the Dark Side Compendium for a full description and detailed pictures of the of the Dark Hall).

Platforms are of three basic types, Civilian, Industrial and Defense. The civilian platforms are pleasant colonies. The inhabitants are mostly native Aurorans, supplemented of course with their ever-present humaniform droids. Most of these temporary residents are on some sort of sabbatical or extended holiday. It is rumored that the average platform dweller has been off world for no more than 5 standard years.

The Defense platforms were obviously intended to thwart an external invasion of the system. For all of the peace this system has seen, its inhabitants were surprisingly paranoid. Unfortunately for them, their paranoia is matched by their naiveté concerning the Galaxy before them. Despite their obsession with military preparedness, they had no inkling of the power that would be arrayed against them when the Hammer came. The surviving former Defense Platforms now serve the emaciated Auroran Defense Force in its limited police role allowed it under the ever watchful eye of the Imperial Navy.

Factories are situated off world so as to limit the impact of their presence on the planetary environment. There are military, consumer and scientific oriented facilities among their number. Several Emperor's Hammer Corporations have also sought contracts to construct Platforms in the Aurora System due to the ease of access to the Fleet (especially the Triad) and its market demands...


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