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Heir System

The Hier System was the isolated base of the former Smugglers' Guild of the Emperor's Hammer. Now after it's merger with the Bounty Hunter's Guild, the Heir System still is home to many smuggling operations, and still has many of the remnants of the old organization. Here, traders and merchants from all across the Outer Rim visit to conduct business and indulge in the extravagances of the planet Dar and the PLT Sern...



System Statistics
Planet Name Heir I Dar
Function Guild Outpost
Type Terrestrial
Radius 1,700 km
Distance from Star 1.3 AUs
Axial Tilt 3 Degrees
Seasonal Changes Little-Moderate
Orbit Circular
Planetary Weather Warm and slightly humid year round
Temperature Warm (20°-35°C)
Atmosphere Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere Moderate (30% Free Water)
Gravity Standard (1.2 Standard)
Length of Day 19 Standard hours
Length of Year 348 Local Days
Terrain Forest
Moons None
Sapient Species None
Starport Open only to members of the Emperor's Hammer
Population 3,000
Government Private Ownership
Tech Level Imperial Hyperspace
Major Exports Wood, Plant Products, Materials bought from Smugglers
Major Imports Luxuries

System Facilities


    Imperial Observation Base

    PLT Sern

    Smuggler's "Exchange"

    Smuggler's Training School

    The Guild Storehouse

      The Heir System is the secondary base of operations for the Guild. While the Emperor's Hammer controls this system, they have permitted the Guild to have some of their transactions located here. There is only one planet in the Heir System, Dar.

      Dar is the Heir System's only planet. All of the Smuggler's operations of The Guild are located on Dar, and in fact, the former Master Executive Polder's personal estate is located there reminiscent of the former subgroup.

      The Imperial Observation base was created to monitor everything that has happened in the The Guild. Several high powered communications devices are located here, to notify the Emperor's Hammer about any possible disturbances within the Guild. The Imperial Representative housing is located there, and when the Chief Procurement Officer visits Dar, he/she will also stay at the Imperial Observation base.

      The Platform Sern orbits around the planet of Dar, much like a moon. It is basically used to house any materials smugglers bring in, until a transport can be schedule to take the materials down to Dar. Most credit transactions below 20,000 credits take place on the Platform Sern. Anything above 20,000 credits will be paid on planet, by one of the members of the High Council.

      The Smuggler's "Exchange" is where smuggler's will go to learn about new smuggling jobs and/or get paid for jobs they have already done. It is also a pleasant locale to socialize with fellow smugglers and merchants while listing to numerous bands.

      The Smuggler's Training School is where smugglers may take courses on how the Guild works. The High Moff and Imperial Representative are in charge of managing the school.

      The Guild Storehouse is where any items that aren't in immediate need are kept.


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