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System Statistics
Planet Name Deva Sahare Lears Kaiburr
Function Mining Agriculture Agriculture Tourism
Type Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial
Radius 5,000 km 12,000 km 6,000 km 5,000 km
Distance from Star 0.5 AUs 1.5 AUs 2.8 AUs 4.0 AUs
Axial Tilt None 12°
Seasonal Changes None Mild Mild Mild
Orbit Elliptical Circular Circular Circular
Planetary Weather sand storms Mild Mild Mild
Temperature Searing (200°C-400°C ) Warm (-15° to 40°C) Warm (-35° to 10°C) Temperate (-80° to 10°C)
Atmosphere Type IV Type I (Breathable) Type I (Breathable) Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere None Moderate (55% free water) Moderate (70% free water) Dry (10% ice)
Gravity Light (0.40 standard) Standard (0.95 standard) Standard (0.80 standard) Light (0.65 standard)
Length of Day 16 Standard Hours 27 Standard Hours 17 Standard Hours 10 Standard Hours
Length of Year 150 Local Days 390 Local Days 320 Local Days 400 Local Days
Terrain Volcanic All All Rough (Crystalline)
Moons None 3 None 4 small moons
Sapient Species None Karanans Karanans Dark Jedi colonists
Starport Imperial Class (Domed) Imperial Class Imperial Class none
Population 1,000,000 40,010,000 15,005,000 330
Government Planetary Governor Planetary Governor Planetary Governor Planetary Governor
Tech Level Imperial/Space Space Space Imperial
Major Exports Metal Alloys Agricultural Agricultural Kaiburr
Major Imports necessities Mid-High technology Mid-High technology necessities

System Facilities


    2 Imperial Class Starports - Sahare and Lears.

    Domed Imperial Class Starport - Deva

    Obelisk Citadel - Kaiburr

    PLT Destrier - Infiltrator Wing


Lieutenant General Blazer, on an Imperial Survey Corps (ISC) scoutship enroute to the far reaches of the Emperor's Hammer Territories was drawn by an inexplicable force to a distant region of the Outer Rim. After 3 weeks of long-range sensor sweeps, he identified a system strong in the Dark Side of the Force. After a preliminary survey of the system using remote probe droids, Blazer named the System "Karana" (a race of primitive humanoids found inhabiting three of the system's planets. The local Karanans have recently advanced to the level of inter-planetary travel, yet have not yet been able to leave their system. With a system-wide civil war raging between the two primary planets in the system, the forces of the Emperor's Hammer encountered little resistance in neutralizing the warring factions.

Deva is the first planet of the Karana system, the closest to the sun Shahora. Most of it is wasteland and barren desert. A lot of volcanoes are active and a few rare dormant volcanoes. A few wondrous sites are the molten lava rivers flowing on different parts of the planet. Only two colonies are present on the planet, Gulvana and Proxima. Both these colonies are populated by about 500,000 Karanans each, who left their home planet to relocate due to the system civil war. The mines on Deva are very prolific and profitable which compensate for the scarcity of everything a habitable planet requires to support life. The colonists and miners live in underground facilities well away from main volcanoes and exploit vast interconnected mines. The Imperial Planetary Governor, recently appointed under the order of the EH Grand Moff, is directing the efficient operation and taxation of the numerous mining colonies which add yet another source for the Imperial war machine.

Sahare is a planet much like Aurora Prime geologically, yet its surface appearance differs since the technological level is substantially lower then Aurora's. Sahare was the Karanans original home planet but since the civil war started, it has become the territory of the Vodaha, a strong militaristic faction of the Karanan people with the support of over 70% of the Karanans. The other faction, the Kilad was driven off to the planet Lears and now fights the Vodaha from there in order to bring peace to the Karana system under their just rule.

The planet Sahare is a very diverse planet. The Karanan people have divided it and its people into different roles. The planet has three major land masses. One is dedicated to agriculture; one is dedicated to technological advances and one is utilized for industrial production. The Karanans are very efficient and have the basic technology for intra-system travel. The latent efficiency and quick minds of the Karanans was ideal for exploitation by the Emperor's Hammer and will make ideal workers for the Empire.

The planet Lears is almost like Sahare's "younger brother". Almost identical to Sahare except for its smaller size and a few minor geological differences, Lears was the territory of the Kilad faction until the arrival of the Emperor's Hammer Fleet. Now, its inhabitants serve the Dark Jedi who have come to the planet Kaiburr by providing them all they need.

The Karanans on Lears are different than the inhabitants of Sahare. They believe in foolish notions such as freedom for each individual, democracy and so on. The Emperor's Hammer has opened COMPNOR rehabilitation centers planetside to "correct" this attitude and mold them like the Vodaha in Sahare. Many of the youths on Lears who lost their parents to the rehabilitation centers have been adopted into COMPNOR centers planetside or on Aurora Prime and now serve the Empire. Since the take over, both the Vodaha and the Kilad have been disbanded. Travel from Lears to Sahare and vice versa has been resumed under the ever-watchful eyes of Imperial Intelligence and under armed TIE escort. There is still a minor resistance group on Lears but the Hammer's Fist are tracking and terminating them.

The planet Kaiburr got its name from its one and only export, the Kaiburr Crystals. Until recently, Lightsaber technology relied on the use of the very rare Adega Crystals or technologically produced artificial substitutes. The Kaiburr Crystal, although not as efficient as the Adega Crystal and requiring replacement every 1-2 months due to natural crystal degradation, they are far more efficient than the artificial crystals commonly in use following the Battle of Endor. In addition, their power output and ease of focusing emulate the desirable natural Adega Crystals.

These crystals were identified by LG Blazer during his initial probe droid surveys and apparently the planet is rich in deposits of these crystals which crystallize from the molten rivers of exotic, mineral-rich magma at their cooling boundaries. A Jedi Adept or Knight will need his Force abilities or specialized mining equipment is required to resist the harsh planetary conditions to harvest these crystals. In addition, the crystals must be harvested at exactly the proper time during the crystal anneling process or a 'dead' crystal is collected. Consequently, the Dark Brotherhood of the Emperor's Hammer has ordered that a Dark Jedi be appointed Planetary Governor and that crystal harvesting be implemented on a small scale to serve the needs of our Dark Jedi Cadre.

The Kaiburr Crystals are found in one other location in-system (The Temple of Pomojema). Imperial scientists have calculated that the small crystal deposit found in the Temple of Pomojema originated from a meteorite that crashed over 5 billion years when the planet Kaiburr was only forming. It is anticipated that this resource will be mined within the next 2-3 months in its entirety as it is too valuable a resource to leave unguarded and unused

Over 3,000 years ago Karanan legend tells of a jedi master being drawn to this planet due to the crystals and formed a secret order of dark jedi called the "Obelisk". He and his followers carved a great Citadel planetside decorated with thousands of shards of Kaiburr Crystal. It is unknown what ultimately happened to this order. At this moment LG Blazer is spending many of his days and nights at the Citadel ruins studying the ways of the Obelisk Jedi.

NOTE: The connection of the mass quantity of Kaiburr Crystals and the appearance of low-level Karanan Force users on Lears is being investigated but it appears that being near the planet (yet not too close) can cause a person to be more force sensitive.


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