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Phare System

The Phare System (created by GARonin@aol.com) was recently taken from an opposing Imperial faction by the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet in EH Combined Arms Battle #3 for the EH (see Newsletter Nos. 28, 29 and 30)...Its resources and abundant native populations make it an ideal system for the Fleet to exploit and control...

The Phare System provides most of the resources for the Emperor's Hammer Fleet's material needs...Stationed on the PLT Haven in-system, the Moff of Phare System keeps a close eye on the various Corporate interests and the Corporate Platforms planets in-system...Visitors to this system should be warned...Each Corporate Picket Fleet is equipped with at least one Victory-Class Star Destroyer, Cruiser or Frigate and two TIE Squadrons/each for protection of the various smaller Corporate platforms, bases, production facilities, factories and Corporate ships in the system...Corporate Fleets have been known to be over-zealous in the protection of their Claims...In addition, the highly respected Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) is based in the Phare System...



System Statistics
Planet Name Hela Thor Ullyr Frigg
Function Mining Exploration Natural Resources Agriculture
Type Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial
Radius 6,500 km 16,000 km 9,000 km 13,000 km
Distance from Star 0.2 AUs 0.8 to 4 AUs 1.4 AUs 1.6 AUs
Axial Tilt 0° (vertical) 18° 2.5°
Seasonal Changes None Severe Mild Mild-moderate
Orbit Circular Severe Elliptical Circular Circular
Planetary Weather Mild Harsh Temperate High precipitation
Temperature Searing (80°-150°C) Frigid (-60° to -25°C) Temperate (-5° to 25°C) Hot (30° to 45°C)
Atmosphere Type IV Type II Type I (Breathable) Type II
Hydrosphere None Dry Moderate (45% free water) Moist (93% Water)
Gravity Light (0.6 standard) Heavy (2.55 standard) Standard (1.2 standard) Standard (1.3 standard)
Length of Day 20 Standard Days 11 Standard Days 29 Standard Hours 32 Standard Hours
Length of Year 14 Local Days 675 Local Days 300 Local Days 375 Local Days
Terrain Barren DaysGlacier Forest Jungle
Moons None Mjolnir Baldyr None
Sapient Species None Grenfels Wookie/Human Human (None native)
Starport Standard Class Landing Field (None) Standard Class Imperial Class
Population 300,000 5,000,000 1,250,000 4,000,000,000
Government Corporate (Imperial) Family/Clan Feudal Competing City States
Tech Level Imperial Stone Feudal Space
Major Exports Minerals/metals None Wood products Seafood/Luxury goods
Major Imports Necessities None Manufactured goods Technology




System Statistics
Planet Name Sif Njord Heimdall (moon) Loki
Function Agricultural Mining Mining Military
Type Terrestrial Gas Giant Satellite Frozen Gaseous
Radius 7,500 km 110,000 km 2,750 km 4,500 km
Distance from Star 2.2 AUs 10.6 AUs 10.6 AUs 35.6 AUs
Axial Tilt 14° 22° 10°
Seasonal Changes Moderate-severe Severe None None
Orbit Circular Elliptical Satellite Elliptical
Planetary Weather Precipitation Severe None None
Temperature Temperate (-10° to 27°C) Frigid (-170° to -140°C) Frigid (-160° to -110°C) Frigid (-195° to -175°C)
Atmosphere Type I (Breathable) Type IV None None
Hydrosphere Dry (32 % Water) Saturated None None
Gravity Standard (0.85 standard) Heavy (5.5 to 12 standard) Light (0.2 standard) Light (0.4 standard)
Length of Day 22 Standard Hours 4 Standard Days N/A 54 Standard Hours
Length of Year 530 Local Days 1,300 Local Days 1,300 Njord Days 2,480 Local Days
Terrain Plains Ocean (gas) Barren Barren
Moons None Heimdall and Tyr None Hodr
Sapient Species Humanoid (Seraii) None Human Human
Starport Stellar Class Polar Landing Fields Imperial Class Imperial Class
Population 7,500,000,000 50-1,000 miners 500,000 750,000
Government Imperial Governor None Imperial Governor Imperial Military
Tech Level Space/Imperial None Imperial Imperial
Major Exports Foodstuffs Tibanna Ion/blaster gases Tibanna/Ion gases None
Major Imports Technology None Necessities Technology

System Facilities

        M/PLT Daedalus (TIE Fighter Pilot/IWATS Training Platform) - Orbiting Ullyr

        Abundant Corporate Division Production/Distribution Facilities and PLTs

        Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (Sif)

        Haven, domed mining facility (Hela)

        Wood resources/factories (Ullyr)

        Floating cities (Frigg)

        Pangea Agricultural Facility (Sif)

        City of Juraas-Kur (Sif)

        Valhalla Mining Facility (Heimdall)

        Loki Military Complex

        Hodr Listening Posts


The Phare System was recently discovered by scouts from the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. Phare is located no more than five light years from the Aurora System and is a system rich in natural resources, which Aurora lacks for a Fleet the size of the Emperor's Hammer...

Hela is perhaps the most inhospitable planet in the Phare System with the exception of Loki. It is a completely lifeless and barren planetoid in a close orbit to Odin. Consequently, it has the look of Hell itself. The surface of the planet is baked to a hard crust with almost no geologic activity and a thin, stagnant searing atmosphere. However, below the surface, Imperial colonists have created a small mining colony to extract some of the richest mineral and metal ore deposits in the entire system.

There is no indigenous life on Hela since the planet surface is at temperatures high enough to boil water. In fact, there is no free standing water on the planet, having been long ago evaporated. Much of the planet remains unvisited by humans as they tend to restrict their operations to the essential mining activities. There are occasional dust storms which sweep the flat landscape of the equatorial regions in which the winds reportedly exceed 700 kph. It should be noted that humans can not survive unprotected in the Hela atmosphere for more than 1-2 minutes before



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