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System Statistics
Planet Name Setii I: Hades Setii II: Ashtar Setii III: Osiris Setti IV: Ghenna
Function Research Home of the HI Research Penal Colony
Type Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial
Radius 800 mi 500 mi 1400 Mi 1300 Miles
Distance from Star .05  AUs 1 AU 2.0 AUs 6.5 AUs
Axial Tilt Less than 1.5 degrees 6.5 Degrees 7.5 Degrees 4 Degrees
Seasonal Changes None Moderate N/A Minor
Orbit Circular Circular Elliptical Elliptical
Planetary Weather None Hot, wet, and humid N/A Polar
Temperature Inferno (1,000°+ C) Hot (40°-50°C) N/A Frigid
Atmosphere None Type I (Breathable) Type I (Breathable) Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere None Moderate (20% Free Water) High (100% Free Water) Small (95% of water frozen)
Gravity Heavy (4.5 Standard) Standard (1.3 Standard) Standard (1.5 Standard) High (1.94 standard
Length of Day 13 Standard Hours 24.5 Standard hours 27 Standard Hours 42 Standard Hours
Length of Year 104 Local Days 326 Local Days 400 Local Days 395 Local Days
Terrain Barren Rock/Lava Jungle Aquatic Polar
Moons None None Isis and Ra None
Sapient Species None None None None
Starport None Private Small Imperial Class
Population 25 Research Personnel ~150 (HI and private staff) 100 Researchers 25,000 Prisoners, 500 Staff
Government Imperial Private Ownership Imperial Military Prison
Tech Level None Imperial Hyperspace Advanced Imperial Primitive
Major Exports None Wood, Captured Animals Technology Slave Labor
Major Imports Necessities Luxuries, processed goods Necessities Necessities

System Facilities


      Imperial Prison (Setii IV)

      Platform Golgotha (Setii IV)

      Imperial Underwater Research Facility (Setii III)

      High Inquisitor's Estate (Setii II)

      Imperial Solar Research Station "Solaris" (Setii I)

      Imperial Equipment Graveyard (Setii I)

The Setii System is the base of operations for the High Court of Inquisitors and the revived Imperial Justice system in the Outer Rim. It tries and convicts the worst of the Rebellion, as well as those natives deemed detrimental to the Imperial cause. While the High Court's Hall of Justice is on Aurora Prime, the administrative and punitive arms of the court are based in Setii, deep in space, beyond the edge of explored territory.

The Setii system is curious in many ways. The Red Giant sun, Diablo, produces massive amounts of harmless radiation which cross the system in expanding spherical waves of intense radiation and dust. Although harmless due to existing hull metallurgy, this radiation has strange effects on Imperial and Rebel shielding technologies, often forcing craft to turn off shield systems to prevent power coupling burnouts. Diablo's radiation waves also serve to aid in interdiction technology. It effectively prevents ships from jumping to hyperspace and forces any attacker to approach from a distance while at sub-light speed.

Hades is what could only be considered a hellworld. It orbits the systems son so closely that the temperatures raise beyond 1,000°C. The planet houses the Imperial Research Station "Solaris", which is working on developing super powerful heat and radiation shields. The station hopes that it will eventually be able to send a ship to the heart of "Diablo"

Ashtar is a jungle world beyond compare. It is the private abode of the High Inquisitor, who built an exact replica of the his family's original castle on the island which is located in the middle of the inland sea. Other than the area around the Castle, the planet is a slaughterhouse. Vicious animals ranging in size from microscopic to immense (200+ Feet Tall) have been found deep in the natural vegetation of this world. Night and day they kill each other... In fact, the High Inquisitor once commented that the planet, "Was like Imperial Politics on a planetary scale." because of the constant bloodletting. Truly, this is a fitting home for a Dark Jedi.

Osiris is a planet made completely of water. There is not a single speck of dry land to be found, with the exception of one floating Imperial Complex (the landing pad). All research is conducted underwater in the planet's deep oceans, which can be as deep as 50,000 leagues. The planet houses the Imperial Underwater Research Facility (IURF), which specializes in high pressure studies in the ocean depths. Success at this station would mean access to such planets as Mon Calamri and a nearly unbeatable group of AquaTroopers.

Ghenna is a planet similar in composition to Hoth. It is frigidly cold and the prisoners in the complex have no hope of escape. "The Complex" as the prison is called, houses all dangerous or rebel prisoners, common prisoners being assigned to work camps in the barren wastes of the planet or on other planets in the system. All in all, however, this is one of the finest prisons in the Empire. With the Hammer's limited resources at the moment, we cannot afford to simply throw away potential workers. The planet is orbited by the Golgotha Space station.


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