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The following is a dedication to the many members who have sacrificed there time and effort in order to create or revise the many different manuals and resources used in compiling this manual for the enrichment of the Emperor's Hammer. Due to the massive loss of information, the credits page is under continuous revision. If you have any additions or revisions for the Credits page please contact the Training Officer..

This document contains excerpts from these primary resources:
  • Past Training Manuals
  • Emperor's Hammer archives
  • Dark Sentinel Newsletters
  • The Dark Side Compendium
  • Directorate Operations Manual
  • Hammer's Fist Field Manual
  • TIE Corps Pilot Manual
Additional resources and contributors:
Training Manual: System Manual: Fleet Manual:
  • Grand Admiral Ronin
  • Fleet Admiral Paladin
  • Sector Admiral Havok
  • Fleet Admiral Dev
  • Fleet Admiral Chuck
  • Admiral Stuart
  • Vice Admiral Brukhar
  • Vice Admiral Rejili Holthaus
  • Captain Aija Alura Judarrl
  • High Admiral Dempsey
  • Grand Admiral Ronin
  • Admiral Hades
  • Vice Admiral Lionness
  • Grand Moff Kessian Armus
  • Grand Moff Jedijawa
  • Grand Admiral Ronin
  • Sector Admiral Havok
  • Fleet Admiral Zoraan
  • Fleet Admiral Kermee
  • Fleet Admiral Ender Mbind
  • Admiral Darkhill
Dark Side Compendium: Directorate Operations Manual: Hammer's Fist Field Manual:
  • Fleet Admiral Paladin
  • Sector Admiral Havok
  • Fleet Admiral Justinian Khyron
  • Fleet Admiral Howlader
  • Fleet Admiral Zoraan
  • Dark Jedi Primarch
  • Jac Cotelin
  • Chi-Long
  • Kaine Mandaala
  • Astatine
  • Shadonyx
  • Pyr
  • Donitz
  • Yacko
  • Yoni
  • Haem
  • Kaiburr Starr
  • Zeth Durron
  • Ace Hobbes
  • Khaen
  • Arion
  • Ziggy
  • Fleet Admiral Keldorn
  • Admiral Karval Dronaal
  • Admiral Czulvang Lah
  • Admiral BubbaX
  • Vice Admiral Owen Khan Farrin Xies
  • Prefect of the Legion Astin
  • Field Marshal Ares
  • Field Marshal Tarkin
  • High General Fugazi
  • Lieutenant General Veers
  • Brigadier General Qiliang
  • Brigadier General Narthax
  • Colonel Tygarin Cypher
TIE Corps Pilot Manual:
  • Admiral Viper Pred
  • Vice Admiral Jedi Eclipse
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