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Welcome to the Emperor's Hammer Training Manual. The Training Manual acts as a central resource and reference for the entire Emperor's Hammer, covering a vast range of topics from ranks and medals to the structure within the Emperor's Hammer. This manual provides all of the information needed to function and enjoy a career in the club. The Emperor's Hammer is a complex and dynamic organization. Emperor's Hammer veterans are encouraged to periodically review the contents herein, as they are under constant revision by the Training Officer.

Use of the Training Manual is simple. The primary section names are listed in the menu. Clicking on any option will display the information you seek. These same options will always be displayed.

If you have any questions about the Training Manual, find any errors or omissions, or have a revision to report contact the Training Officer.

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News and Updates
March 06, 2011
Consolidation edits throughout.
August 29, 2010
Recruitment Section added. Other minor edits thoughout.
June 09, 2010
Groups section updated to include links to platforms. Other minor edits thoughout.
January 18, 2010
Group descriptions and platforms updated.
December 14, 2009
Graphics added throughout. Sections added. Layout and menu changes.
November 10, 2009
Welcome to the new and improved Emperor's Hammer Training Manual (EHTM). After my first month in office as the Training Officer I have finally finished compiling all of the information I have gathered in order to make this manual as complete as possible. This manual includes all of the basic information about the Emperor's Hammer a member should ever need. Use it, bookmark it. Use it as a tool for your members, veteran and new.
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