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Position is at the heart and core of the Emperor's Hammer. Although rank is important, position is what takes precedence, for it defines the member's responsibilities, influence and power within the club. The Emperor's Hammer is a very complex organization and once you understand these positions you will be able to understand your position as well as those you encounter in the club.
Command Staff positions are detailed in a seperate section of this manual. A more detailed description of the following positions can be located in the respective Group manuals.

Group Positions

Listed in descending order, the positions from Group to Group are matched as closely as possible. They do not outrank each other. This list is not to be used to map positions.
TIE Corps Dark Brotherhood
TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM) (GM) Grand Master (GM)
Strategic Operations Officer (SOO) (DGM) Deputy Grand Master (DGM)
(MAA) Master at Arms (MAA)
Dean of the IWATS (DEAN) (HM) Headmaster (HM)
(HRLD) Herald (HRLD)
(SCL) Seneschal (SCL)
Support Positions *
Professor (PROF) Pontiff (PONT)
Tactician (TCT) Praetor (P)
Tactical Surveyors (TCS) Magistrate (M)
Line Positions
#Battlegroup Commander (BGCOM) Consul (CON)
#Commodore (COM) Proconsul (PCON)
Wing Commander (WC) Quaestor (QUA)
Squadron Commander (CMDR) Aedile (AED)
Flight Leader (FL) Battle Team Leader (BTL)
Flight Member (FM) Battle Team Member (BTM)
Trainee (TRN) Initiate (INI)
# currently not in use
* Individual command position attachés/assistants/adjutants are not listed
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