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Procedures and Protocols

Any organization must have protocols to follow for activities that are open to interpretation. The same goes for online clubs such as this one, where order is a precious commodity among the semi-anonymous chaos of the internet. Below are protocols and guidelines for various actions and routines.

Joining the Emperor's Hammer
Joining the Emperor's Hammer is easy.
Visit the main site ( and locate the JOIN the EH link or utilize the link in the menu. Here you will find the link to the Training Office were you will review basic information and the rules and regulations in order to understand and function in the club. Once you have submitted your information you will be assigned to the Group of your choice once you have completed the basic entrance requirements.

Group Requirements Point of Contact
TIE Corps Pass the TIE Corps CORE exam
Submit a pilot file.
Dean of IWATS
Dark Brotherhood Pass the Dark Brotherhood CORE exam The Headmaster of the Shadow Academy
The Fringe Register and post an application HERE on the message boards. Director of Operations

Retiring/Resigning From the Fleet
The time may come for you to leave active service. If you find you need to take an extended break from the club for whatever reason, you must:

  1. Contact all the competent authorities before leaving. Competent authorities include your immediate superior, any members immediately below you in your unit, and whomever maintains your Group roster so that the roster can be updated. The contacting of those immediately above and below you is a matter of courtesy. The officer who maintains your Group roster must be contacted.
  2. State the reason why you are leaving the Fleet and your wish to be placed in the reserves; thereby retaining your rank, certifications, and medals. Once retired, you may reenter the EH at any time with rank, certifications, and medals intact.
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Returning to the Fleet
The time may come for you to re-enter active service. Upon your return you will retain all of your certifications and medals. You will retain your current rank if it is in line with your new position.

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Requesting a Transfer
You may feel you want to move to another unit. To do this, you must contact the Group Executive Officer and your immediate superior officer. You must state to where you wish to be moved, and the reason. Frivolous transfer requests are frowned upon. If your request is granted it is proper protocol to let your immediate inferior officers and members know of your transfer and to contact your new superior and fellow unit members to let them know of your arrival. This will minimize confusion.

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Complaints and Disputes
Disputes, abuse, and complaints do occur in the club. Not everyone gets along. If you have a complaint or dispute with a fellow member, try to work it out with that member. If no progress can be made, the following procedure is to be used:

  1. Inform your immediate superior of the situation and carbon copy any emails to the member with which you are having problems. This will help to minimize any escalation of the conflict. If the other party is your superior, then let their superior know.
  2. If your superior is unable to resolve the dispute, the Security Officer (SO) is then brought in to settle the matter. The Security Officer's decision is binding. However, if the SO feels that he cannot adequately end the dispute, he may turn the matter over to the EH Executive Officer. Also, if either party feels he or she has not been fairly treated, then he or she may appeal to the EHXO.
  3. The XO may end the matter with his word being final and binding, or he may pass the case on to the Fleet Commander. This court is the highest level of recourse in the club.

Usually, a first-time and second-time offense results in a warning. A third offense is always met with sanction or punishment of some kind. A fourth offense will have the member removed from the subgroup if earlier offenses do not get them removed before then. Severity of the offense is always a factor in deeming when to remove a member from the subgroup.

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Members who are deserving are awarded medals and promotions. The appropriate authority must be contacted in order to recommend a member for a medal or promotion. The appropriate authority can be determined by reviewing the Command Staff, Ranks and the Awards and Medals sections of this manual OR  similar sections in each Group Manual (see menu). Once the appropriate authority has been determined, contact them via email with the following information:

  1. The recipient's name and rank
  2. The award or promotion you are recommending
  3. The reason why the individual should be awarded or promoted.
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Competition Ideas
Competitions keep members active and are a great tool for earning awards and building camaraderie. The guidelines for creating competitions are:

  • All plot lines must be approved by the Group Command Officer and reviewed by Group Operation Officer the before creating a mission.
  • Only the supported game platforms are eligable for mission creating and rewards. Any external file used must have the author's permission.
  • Missions must have a code number to verify the mission was completed in the completion message.
  • If you have an idea for a Competition you may contact your superior officer directly who will then direct you to the individual in your Group who will review, approve and help run the Competition.
  • Review the LucasArt's Rules if the competition will involve any custom LucasArts Entertainment Co. gaming platforms
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Performing / Replying to an AWOL Check
Every so often commaders will perfom AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) checks in order to remove the inactive members from the roster and create room for fresh recruits.

How to perform an AWOL Check:

  1. You must email all personnel one (1) level below you in the chain of command, with the subject of GROUP AWOL CHECK and request their prompt reply and state a deadline (usually two weeks) for them to respond. The use of lists such as YahooGroups is advised to reduce the workload, but it MUST be stated on the message that the members MUST NOT reply to the list, but to your email ONLY. Always use your ID line and include the reply-to email!
  2. Wait for the deadline while you gather all email from your members.
  3. Create a list with all the names of your members who did reply and send it to your superior officer no more than two (2) days after the deadline.

How to properly reply to an AWOL Check:

  1. Once you receive the EH AWOL CHECK email from your superior officer, ready it carefully to avoid mistakes. If you command any number of members, you MUST forward that email with your ID line and AWOL request, as detailed above in "How to Perform an AWOL Check"
  2. Reply as soon as possible, being careful to not reply to the email using your unit discussion list. Write this model phrase: "[your rank and name] reporting for duty, sir!" to make things easier for your superior officer. e.g. " LT Drebin reporting for duty, sir! "
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