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A Member's overall status within the Fleet will be ENTIRELY determined by position. The following ranks are presented to further stratify the Emperor's Hammer and give something for members to strive to attain. The position of a member will ALWAYS take precedence over conflicting ranks (i.e. a Flight Leader who is a Lieutenant Colonel (LC) DOES NOT outrank a Squadron Commander who is a Captain...although this rarely occurs). The primary use of the ranks will be to determine minimum standards for the various Positions.

The ranks above High Admiral are reserved for Command Staff, but the ranks below it are used by TIE Corps (navy ranks). The Hammer's Fist utilizes a similar system (army ranks). The Directorate utilizes civilian nobility ranks and the Dark Brotherhood is unique.

(GA) Grand Admiral (GA)
This rank is reserved solely for the Fleet Commander.

(SA) Sector Admiral (SA)
This rank is reserved solely for the Executive Officer.

(HA) High Admiral (HA)
This rank is the highest achievable without becoming the Executive Officer. Members who are already Fleet Admirals, who have achieved almost all merit awards and who are universally respected by Command Officers and normal membership alike are promoted to High Admiral.

(FA) Fleet Admiral (FA)
Admirals who have shown consistant performance over a long period of time are promoted to the coveted rank of Fleet Admiral.

(AD) Admiral (AD)
The rank of Admiral is the minimum rank for Command Officers. Vice Admirals (including Command Attachés who have displayed excellence in their position over a period of time may be promoted to Admiral.

Group Ranks

Listed in descending order, the ranks from Group to Group are matched as closely as possible. They do not outrank each other. This list is not to be used to map ranks.
TIE Corps
Command Ranks
(HA) High Admiral (HA)
(FA) Fleet Admiral (FA)
(AD) Admiral (AD)
(VA) Vice Admiral (VA)
(RA) Rear Admiral (RA)
Line Ranks
General General (GN)
Colonel Colonel (COL)
(LC) Lieutenant Colonel (LC)
(MAJ) Major (MAJ)
(CPT) Captain (CPT)
(CM) Commander (CM)
(LCM) Lieutenant Commander (LCM)
(LT) Lieutenant (LT)
(SL) Sub-Lieutenant (SL)
(CT) Cadet (CT)
Dark Brotherhood
Grand Master (GM)
Dark Jedi Primarch (DJP)
Dark Jedi Master (DJM)
Dark Side Adept (DA)
Sith Warlord (SWL) Obelisk Warlord (OWL) Krath Pontifex (KPN)
Sith Battlelord (SBL) Obelisk Battlelord (OBL) Krath Epis (KE)
Sith Battlemaster (SBM) Obelisk Battlemaster (OBM) Krath Archpriest (KAP)
Sith Warrior (SW) Obelisk Warrior (OW) Krath Priest (KP)
Dark Jedi Knight (DJK)
Jedi Hunter (JH)
Guardian (GRD)
Protector (PRT)
Acolyte (ACO)
Novice (NOV)
Apprentice (APP)
Hot Planet