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Recruitment Procedures

Pilots and Officers alike of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, the Emperor's Hammer is made up of literally thousands of members. How did we get so many? Why do we still increase in membership at an exponential rate? Why are these people that joined still here and harbouring much interest in the fleet? The answers are contained within this manual. It will answer every conceivable question you may have about how to recruit. Anything and everything from the reasons for recruiting, the etiquette of recruiting, and how to be successful every single attempt you make to broaden the Emperor's Hammer.

-Colonel (Former Fleet Admiral) Darth Vader.

I've seen the Emperor's Hammer as a "home" for many Star Wars fans on the web. This "home" is one of duty, honor, and compassion. We all care for the members that we know. We've helped each other in the best of times and the worst of times. I personally feel that recruiting is the only way to keep this "family" alive. I may not have been around as long as some of the other members, but I know what it is like to see the Emperor's Hammer grow. I hope that for years, the Emperor's Hammer will continue to grow on the web. We're here to have fun, that's the only reason we're here.

-High Admiral Keiran Idanian.(Former Reconnaissance Officer)

Why Recruit?

The Emperor's Hammer (EH) grows through recruiting and publicity. Wherever you are in the Emperor's Hammer, whether it be the Main Fleet or any of its subgroups; the section you are in will benefit greatly from being larger. Let's look at a squad in the TIE Corps. It has a capacity of 12 pilots, consisting of a Squadron Commander (CMDR), 2 Flight Leaders (FL), and 9 Flight Members (FM). Say this squadron is currently at 5 members. A CMDR, a FL, and 3 FMs. Activity in the squadron isn't all that great, and the squadron is a little bored of the fact that there are only a few people to interact with. The CMDR constantly badgers the TC Admiralty (responsible for assigning pilots) to bring in more pilots to the squadron so there can be a more productive and social atmosphere to make things fun. This squadron eventually gets 12 pilots all together, and everyone is quite content with the fact they can compete with each other, socialize, and start projects for the squadron's publicity. With more members, activities are much more efficient and everyone has much more fun.

This squadron atmosphere can be compared to most any other group in the Emperor's Hammer. Whether it be a unit in the Dark Brotherhood, a fire team in the Hammer's Fist, a planet in the EH Directorate, or a group of players in The Fringe.

The more members in any of these groups will lead to a more active and fun environment around you along with a productive outcome.

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How to Get Started

The first course of action you must take is to find a location to get recruits from. The following is a list of possible locations/methods of getting recruits to the Emperor's Hammer.

  1. Friends from school, your neighborhood, work environment, etc.
  2. Advertisements in public establishments. (SEE TOOLS)
  3. Posting messages promoting the EH on local electronic bulletin board systems and newsgroups.
  4. Make webpages especially for recruiting to the Emperor's Hammer and be sure any search engine you are aware of updates it in their memory banks so that when a person goes searching they might come across your webpage. NOTE: Learn what meta tags are all about.
  5. Download mIRC and go into Star Wars related channels at different times during the day and attempt to recruit any an all channel occupants.
  6. If you have AOL, use it's countless chat rooms to find people who have interest in the Emperor's Hammer. There is also a member directory you can utilize and enter keywords that can help you find people that have interest in things like TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight, Rebellion, Dark Forces, X-Wing, X-Wing Alliance, Force Commander, Battle front, or any other game platforms that the EH's subgroups use.
  7. Post on internet message boards, AOL message boards, or any other Star Wars club message boards but only after you get the official consent of the MSG board owner and only then including this permission in the post. We don't want the Emperor's Hammer suffering any bashing from rival or friendly clubs due to conduct violations.
  8. Areas that are filled with Star Wars players and potential recruits are the many multiplayer forums such as Battlestats, Errant Venture and Voobly. You can just be waiting to play a game with a fellow EH member and find someone that seems cool to talk to. Or maybe someone needs help and you are able to help him or her out by answering their question. This will greatly help you in recruiting because it makes a good impression. You might only be doing it to be nice, and you should, but maybe in the end the person you helped would like to join the Emperor's Hammer. This doesn't mean making a room just for EH recruitment, just sitting and talking is enough to make a friend.
  9. If there is an EH gaming room open, join it. In doing so your a representative of the Emperor's Hammer and might be able to help people that want to learn more about the EH. Even more is having fun competing with your fellow EH members. Have fun and people will come...
  10. If they are not set up already make an EH Gaming room for the game that your playing. If it's XvT, XWA, or BF, make one and other EH members might come as well wanting a game.
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NOTE: Click the below to download or visit. Updated versions would be welcome (send to the TO).

  1. Posters: There are some posters specifically designed for your use for the EH and recruitment, but if you wish you could make your own, just make sure you show your superiors and the TO so they have an idea of what is going out. Posters can be placed on University and school bulletin boards, on downtown free boards in most cities, and you can even ask to place them in stores like comic shops, coffee houses, or even gaming shops.
  2. Business cards: These contain the website address, the EH logo, and your pin number. These also have a set print out you can ask to receive, and you can just put your pin number on them, or if you are proficient in such graphics you can design your own, just make sure to show your superiors and the TO. These cards can be placed inside of Star Wars books and comics, at places like book stores, comic shops, supermarkets, and libraries. You can also leave the card sticking up in keyboards while using a computer lab in University etc. Or you could do a joint effect and place them near the posters for people to take with them in case the poster tags are all gone or hard to rip off.
  3. Facebook page: Here you can create you own fan page or join, promote, post on or even help out with an existing EH facebook page. (Log on and search for Emperor's Hammer) Join the group and promote it. Your page can be used to display important events, competitions etc, showing people how they can get involved and what they are missing. Then go out and recruit people who have an interest in Star Wars or even in particular games or role play (you can use the search button on facebook to help with this), however do not spam, and do not ask the same person more than once.
  4. Twitter: Here you can set up a feed for the site specifically and place updates about competitions, and main events. Twitter also allows you to go out and add up to 100 people to follow a day. What you can do is add them and then see if you are then followed as well, if you are not then you can drop that person and go on and recruit again the next couple of days. It's an easy way to get the message out quick, just make sure you have a kick butt page. You can ask your superiors and the TO for assistance, they will all be happy to help you out.
  5. Recruitment video: There currently are a few Youtube videos for recruitment that you can link to on pages like Facebook and Twitter. However, if you'd like to make another video, you can do so, but before using it as an official video you need to let the TO take a look.

Existing Youtube Videos: We really could use some new ones!!!

  1. Fan Fictions: There are numerous websites out there that allow for fan fictions. By joining a site you can post your story, or fiction, that you had to write for a competition or to be promoted etc. Then at the top and bottom put in a plug (link if permitted) for the EH and whatever group, IE: DB, TC, HF, etc. Telling people how it was writing for a particular competition, or for a rank position and they can join in and write things like it for similar events if they like to. And of course link to the main website, as well as state your pin number.
  2. Pamphlets: These have been used in the past but, like everything else, create your own if you wish. Pamphlets can be used at conventions to give to people, placed on bulletin boards or even left in places like comic shops (with approval of course).
  3. Bumper stickers: These have been designed and can be obtained by the TO, however if you wish to create one you can do so, but seek permission by the TO before using officially. These can be placed on your car bumper for advertisement, or other places where you see stickers (just make sure it's legal).
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Etiquette of Recruitment

When dealing with any one person that you are trying to convince to join the Emperor's Hammer you must use certain etiquette to be successful.

  1. Be Patient - The person you are trying to recruit is very unknowing to what the Emperor's Hammer even is. Be patient with them and help them to understand who we are.
  2. Be Polite - This is the most important factor of them all. If you come across very polite to the possible recruit they will respect you and hear you out. They'll feel comfortable around you and will treat you with the same politeness in return.
  3. Be Convincing - Make the subject at hand seem as if the person can do nothing else but join the Emperor's Hammer.
  4. Be Persuasive - When talking with the person, tell them the benefits that can come out of joining the Emperor's Hammer such as new friends, countless things to do, get rewards for great work, etc.
  5. Don't be pushy - If the person decides not to join or leans in that direction, don't try to excessively press them to join. This is when they may become uncomfortable and will terminate the conversation or at least the subject at hand.
  6. Don't be dismayed - There are plenty of times when you try to recruit someone, you fail. Don't get sad just because of this. Just make it a reason to do better next time you recruit a person.
  7. Be very helpful - When you are in the process of getting your recruit to gain interest, and he/she asks questions, be sure to answer them to your best ability and don't just point them in a direction where they can discover their answers.
  8. Don't refer your possible recruit to references - Don't tell your recruit to go look in a manual that the EH has to find their answers. The information to them can sometimes be very intimidating. Again, all questions must be answered directly if you are to be successful.
  9. Once you have a solid recruit, guide them through their first steps. Don't just leave them hanging. Help them out. This is a step many recruiters don't take. Because of that, it leads to the recruit being ignorant and they soon quit afterwards. The object is to get your recruit to stay for as long as possible. Be sure if you can't help them, that you have someone else look out for the recruit if they need special help.
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Processing a Recruit

Non-EH Recruits:
Non-EH simply means that your recruit is in no way affiliated with the Emperor's Hammer and will be joining it for their first time. If you want full credit for the recruit, you must direct your recruit to the main Emperor's Hammer site and have them click on the JOIN THE EH link. The procedures that have been put into place by the Training Officer will familiarize the recruit with the rules and procedures needed to function within the EH and its Groups. After the recruit reviews the information they will then fill out a join form including their desired "EH name", e-mail address, etc. but most important for you as the recruiter, there is a "Recruited by:" section where the recuit should enter your name, pin number or both. If this is your first recruit you will be awarded the Medal of Instruction once the recruit has been assigned. See the Awards and Medals section of this manual for more detailed information on the upgrades on this Medal.

EH Recruits:
In this case, EH means the member is already a member of the Emperor's Hammer. When recruiting these members to your group you do not get credit for them or upgrades to your Medal of Instruction however, most of the groups have their own specific recruitment awards. Again, see the Awards and Medals section of this manual. This case is much simpler and all you have to do is direct the recruit to the group homepage and have them click on the join link.

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What is the payoff?

Well, besides being rewarded for your efforts by recruiting new members you also make the EH a better place to be. You also may have just made an aquaintance with someone who will become a life long friend. You may have just recruited someone who will end up becoming your best teammate in gaming events or your greatest rival when trying to achieve that elusive high score in a competition. After all, these are some of the reasons you became a member.
"I beat the game, now what?" Start a new player file and do it again? BORING.

The EH has so much to offer when it comes to gaming and competition and provides a place for like-minded individuals to interact. There are people out there looking for a place like the EH for these exact reasons.

"I love (insert game plaform here) too! Do you want to play some new levels for that game and meet a bunch of new people in the process? Join the Emperor's Hammer. Here's how..."

Get out there and recruit!

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