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: Getting Started :

Welcome to the Squadron Management 5 course. This site will be your primary interface for obtaining, viewing and completing this course. To begin taking this course, select Course Notes in the top right hand corner of this page. Once you have read through the notes, select Course Test from the same menu to begin your exam.

About the Imperial University
The Imperial University is the training academy within the Emperor's Hammer. The IU provides many training courses, ranging from basic training of recruits in the TIE Corps' structure to more specific and advanced courses such as mission writing and flight tactics.

About this course
This is Squadron Management 5, a course designed to teach TIE Corps officers the basics of being a Squadron Commander. Please read the course notes, and then take the online exam to complete your academic training.

If you have any questions, problems, suggestions or find any errors in the material, please contact the author of the course, COL Zekk Terrik.

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