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News from: September 20, 2017

Welcome New Stingray BTM
Posted By: SWL Miles Prower

Dark Greetings!

I am happy to announce that (formerly APP) NOV Eren Irens completed the Phase I CORE course and is now assigned as the newest Battleteam Member for Stingray Battleteam!

SWL Miles "Tails" Prower
EHDB Master-At-Arms

Star Wars: Empire At War Gets An Update
Posted By: SWL Miles Prower

Dark Greetings, Sith & Visitors!

SK Horus Blackheart has informed me and I have subsequently verified that Star Wars: Empire At War, the venerable space/ground combat RTS by Petroglyth (remnants of Westwood Studios, the creators of Command & Conquer) has recieved an update on September 1!

Since GameSpy closed, Empire at War players (like Horus and myself) have had to use workarounds like GameRanger. But now, with this surprise update, multiplayer has been updated in both the base Empire at War and its expansion Forces of Corruption to utilize Steamworks for multiplayer support. On top of that, player mods can be enabled in-game and via Steam Workshop, windowed mode is supported, more than 3 AI players are supported in certain modes and several long-winded bugs have been resolved.

So if you already own Empire at War on Steam, it might be worth a second look. You may have already picked up the update! If not, I suggest giving it a try! Let this be the start of a revival for a grand classic.

SWL Miles "Tails" Prower
EHDB Master-At-Arms

News from: September 17, 2017

New TIE Corps website
Posted By: FA Pellaeon


The TIE Corps has moved to an other web site. This one is used for the Imperial Universitiy and the Dark Brotherhood.
If you want join our ranks in the TIE Corps, please use the following link:

TCCOM/FA Pellaeon


News from: September 16, 2017

DGM report #3
Posted By: DSP Elwood the Brave



The DGM Report # 3 can be found here.


DGM/DSP Elwood the Brave/DC-2/




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