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News from: August 15, 2017

New TIE Corps website
Posted By: FA Pellaeon


The TIE Corps has moved to an other web site. This one is used for the Imperial Universitiy and the Dark Brotherhood.
If you want join our ranks in the TIE Corps, please use the following link:

TCCOM/FA Pellaeon


Defenders of Aurora Prime – 2017 Results:
Posted By: SBL Silvius

Defenders of Aurora Prime – 2017 – July:

1. Place: SWL Dempsey - 80 CoF - Kaiburr Star, Cr-A

2. Place: SBM Aznable - 54 CoF - Cr-S

3. Place: DSP Elwood - 26 CoF - Cr-E

4. Place: SBL Silvius - 15 CoF

5. Place: DSP Pellaeon - 10 CoF

6. Place: ACO Branet - 6 CoF 


SBL Silvius

Consul of Clan Drakonan 

Sword of Clan Darkonan Results
Posted By: SBL Silvius

Sword of Clan Darkonan Results for July 2017:

Congratulations to SWL Dempsey to receive the Sword of Clan Drakonan again and earning a Kaiburr Star for her activities. 

Pl. Sith Sum
1. SWL Dempsey 1024
  DSP Elwood 588
  SBL Silvius 539
2. ACO Branet 364
3.  DSP Pellaeon 308
4. SBM Aznable 188
5. SBM Both 68
  GM Montte 29
6. DSM Exar Kit 8
7. GRD Prower 6
8. SK Blackheart 2
9. DSM Laan 1
  ACO Aalith 1



SBL Silvius
Consul of Clan Drakonan 

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