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Welcome to the Emperor's Hammer Battle Center

Here at the Emperor's Hammer Battle Center, you will find everything from statistical information about all of the Emperor's Hammer custom battles, with a variety of features available to members of the Emperor's Hammer to tools on creating your own missions!

All of our custom battles have been organized into categories, per platform and subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer. This Battle Center currently contains over 4,000 custom-made missions by members of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet!

More information about new battles, battle submission, cheating policy, how to play battles, and other rules and procedures related to using custom missions and battles can be found at the Tactical Office.

If you wish to play XWA battles, be sure to check for a 'patch*.txt' file to determine if a patch is needed. If so, you can download the patch(es) from the Science Office website.
Science Office Patch Archive: click here
Super XP Installer: click here
note: in the newer battles, the patch information is located within the readme.txt file

Emperor's Hammer Mission Categories:

Galactic BattleGrounds (SWGB) Battles By Platform:
SWGB-DB (1 Battle)
SWGB-DIR (6 Battles)
SWGB-F (7 Missions)

JK3: Jedi Academy (JA) Battles By Platform:
JA-DB (5 Battles)

TIE Fighter (TIE) Battles By Platform:
TIE-TC (244 Battles)
TIE-IW (17 Battles)
TIE-DB (17 Battles)
TIE-ID (4 Battles)
TIE-CAB (5 Battles)
TIE-FCHG (6 Battles)
TIE-BHG (3 Battles)
TIE-F (284 Missions)

X-Wing (XW) Battles By Platform:
XW-TC (10 Battles)
XW-IW (11 Battles)
XW-DB (1 Battle)
XW-CD (1 Battle)
XW-CAB (1 Battle)
XW-FCHG (1 Battle)
XW-F (10 Missions)

X-Wing Alliance (XWA) Battles By Platform:
XWA-TC (67 Battles)
XWA-IW (8 Battles)
XWA-DB (9 Battles)
XWA-ID (2 Battles)
XWA-HF (1 Battle)
XWA-CAB (6 Battles)
XWA-FCHG (4 Battles)
XWA-F (155 Missions)

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter (XvT) Battles By Platform:
XvT-TC (143 Battles)
XvT-IW (11 Battles)
XvT-DB (18 Battles)
XvT-ID (2 Battles)
XvT-IS (1 Battle)
XvT-CD (2 Battles)
XvT-HF (1 Battle)
XvT-FMC (1 Battle)
XvT-CAB (5 Battles)
XvT-FCHG (6 Battles)
XvT-F (245 Missions)

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of Power (BoP) Battles By Platform:
BoP-TC (26 Battles)
BoP-IW (8 Battles)
BoP-DB (1 Battle)
BoP-ID (1 Battle)
BoP-FCHG (3 Battles)
BoP-F (34 Missions)

  • In TIE Fighter, pilots are given points for hitting something with their lasers. To prevent pilots from endlessly firing lasers at friendly ships, the scores for TIE Fighter are recalculated before they are processed, the so-called "laserless scoring". Laserless scoring applies to all high scores and competitions. Laser-less Score = Total Score - (Laser Hits * 3)
  • In order to fly the Emperor's Hammer custom missions for TIE Fighter, X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, Balance of Power and X-wing Alliance, you need to have the Emperor's Hammer Battle Launcher installed to decrypt the missions. The Battle Launcher is only available to members of the Emperor's Hammer. Download the EHBL here.

The Emperor's Hammer Battle Center, Mission Compendium, FCHG list, Pilot kill board and Squadron citations list are maintained by the Emperor's Hammer Tactical Officer. Currently, the Tactical Officer is HA Anahorn Dempsey.

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