The Imperial University

Imperial University (IU) logo

The Imperial University located on Aurora Prime is the training center for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. This training center has grown to encompass training for all Emperor's Hammer members across each of its component Groups. Here you will find all of the courses you will need to improve your skills or to fulfill any requirements for advancement. Basic Training, History, Cultures, Communications, Programming/Web Development, and Command Level courses for all members are available.

The Imperial University hosts many courses, and contains separate academies that provide instruction on gaming, technical and general courses, and certifications that apply to all Emperor's Hammer members. Group-themed courses can be found in the respective academies.

The Imperial University is under the direct management of the Emperor's Hammer Training Office, headed by the Training Officer (TO). The current Training Officer is VA Sylas Pitt.

Imperial University Academies

Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) logo

The Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) is the premiere starfighter pilot training institution for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, and is operated by the TIE Corps. IWATS classes are held on Sif in the Phare System and conduct starfighter training exercises near Baldyr, a moon of Ullyr, as well as on the Modified Platform Daedalus and on capital ships throughout the fleet. There are multiple courses available for EH members to take including Fighter Identification, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter tactics, EH singleplayer mission design, as well as technology courses. The courses included in the IWATS training program are highly recommended for all EH members. Also note that successful completion of the TIE Corps Core training is required for rank advancement within the TIE Corps.

Shadow Academy (SA) logo

The Shadow Academy seeks to train young Dark Jedi in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. The Shadow Academy, located on Aurora Prime, is the primary training facility for new members of the Brotherhood of the Dark Jedi. At the Shadow Academy, Apprentices through Grand Masters will find what they seek to gain power and knowledge in the ways of the Dark Side.

The Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy is operated under the auspices of the Hammer's Fist Elite Stormtrooper Legion. It provides basic and specialized stormtrooper and ground tactics training to all ground elements of the Emperor's Hammer. Located on Carrida II on the Carrida System, the planet features a diverse range of climates that provide excellent and varied environments ideal for all aspects of Stormtrooper Training. There are also two additional facilities in-system. One is located on a moon orbiting Carrida which has no atmosphere (Gerran), and is used for Zero-G Stormtrooper training. The other is the extreme endurance facility located on a large planet extremely close to the sun (Carrida I).

Course Categories

Academy of Tactics: Intelligence Division

Courses formerly held at the Academy of Tactics on the PLT Stilleto for the Intelligence Division. A student can learn the finer points of Security Techniques, Surveillence, Infiltration, Espionage, and Sabotage in this resurrected category of courses at the Imperial University.


A collection of courses to improve a member's skills at writing and other artistic endeavors.

Basic Training

Basic training for new members. The CORE Exams are located here.

Command and Leadership

Procedures and leadership courses for instuction and advancement in the fleet.


Whether you want to play better or learn to create material for EH games find it here!

Ground Tactics and Certifications

Basic and specialized stormtrooper and ground tactics training for all ground elements of the Emperor's Hammer.


Historical and instructional courses.

Internet Development/Programming


Courses that provide instruction on the territories, systems and planets of the Emperor's Hammer.

War College

For instruction in every type of conflict whether on land, air, sea, or space.


The Imperial University offers members a collection of training paths that can lead to a Qualification in specific focus areas. Select any Qualification to view its specific requirements and your completion progress.

Certificate in Assassination Tactics
Knowledge and history of tactics needed for operations requiring a hand in wetwork and quiet removal of targets, this certificate begins one on a path towards ruthless necessity.

Certificate in Flight Operations
An overview of Flight Operations within the Emperor's Hammer, this certificate provides members with the basic skills needed to fly and fight effectively in the TIE Corps.

Certificate in Galactic History
Covering the basics of galactic history, this certificate provides members with the knowledge to understand and relate significant events, conflicts, and political changes throughout history.

Certificate in Internet Technology
An overview of the various internet technologies used by the Emperor's Hammer, this certificate prepares members to contribute to the Wiki, write appealing unit reports, and understand basic internet systems.

Certificate in Mandalorian Studies
Focusing on the rich history of the Mandalorian culture, this certificate provides an in-depth review of their history, language, leaders and values.

Certificate in Naval Doctrine
Highlighting essential information for leaders and officers of the TIE Corps, this qualification provides insight into leadership, management, and the theory behind our naval service.

Certificate in Sniper Operations
Covering one of the most coveted positions in any military, this certificate provides training in sniper operations, from the basics to the advanced tactics of an Elite Sniper.

Certificate in Spatial Geography (Alpha)
Providing information and insight into the home territories of the Emperor’s Hammer, this qualification focusses on our planets, resources, and installations.

Certificate in Starfighter Technology
Providing insight into the technology used by the Emperor's Hammer and our enemies, this certificate provides members a comprehensive review of starfighter engineering and technology.

Certificate in Vehicle Operations
An overview of the various vehicles used by the Hammer's Fist, this certificate provides members with the knowledge of vehicle components and the best scenarios to use them.

Certificate in Writing
Recognizing skill in writing, this qualification serves to improve the writing skills of those taking it, allowing for more detailed character backstories, fiction, role-playing, and more.

Graduate of Letters and Arts
This course serves as the capstone thesis for the Graduate of Letters and Arts qualification, pulling together all of the knowledge gained through the associated courses.

Graduate of Starfighter Operations
This course serves as the capstone thesis for the Graduate of Starfighter Operations qualification, pulling together all of the knowledge gained through the associated courses.

All Courses

From these listings you can access any course and its exam by clicking on its course name. Links to course notes, current graduates, and assigned Professors (PROF) are also available. Active courses with no Professor assigned will be graded directly by the Training Officer.

Name Abbr. Academy # Graduates Professor
A-Wing Advanced Knowledge AWAK IWATS 32 COL Triji Boliv
Advanced Field Communications Operator CM2 CSMA 17 None
Advanced Multiplayer Tactics AMP IWATS 59 None
Advanced Writing AW 8 LT Das Oberon
Airborne Training Course AIR CSMA 26 None
An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance XWAI IWATS 114 None
Apprentice Demolitions Technician DT1 CSMA 41 CM Bonebolt
Apprentice Sniper Course SN1 CSMA 66 None
Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper Course SEA CSMA 25 None
Artifacts of the Force AF SA 23 None
Assassin Tactics Course - Part 1 AT1 35 LC Legion Ordo
Aviation Tactics AT CSMA 25 None
Aviation Vehicle Specialist Level One AV1 CSMA 4 COL Robert Hogan
B-Wing Advanced Knowledge BWAK IWATS 29 COL Triji Boliv
Basic Flight Maneuvers BFM IWATS 118 LC Vapen Van’an
Capital Ships for X-Wing Alliance XWAC IWATS 84 None
Close Combat Course CC CSMA 56 LT Alexsandyr Blackwölfe
Cold Assault Stormtrooper Course ST CSMA 37 None
Combat Medic MD1 CSMA 33 LT Alexsandyr Blackwölfe
Combat Operations Exam 2 COE/2 IWATS 26 LC Legion Ordo
Computer Basics CBX 731 None
Crazy Tactics that Work CTW 31 None
Crowd Control CRD 28 None
Demolitions Technician DT2 CSMA 23 CM Bonebolt
Desert Assault Trooper Course SD CSMA 24 None
Empire at War EAW 45 LC Legion Ordo
Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology ESET IWATS 37 LC Honsou
English Grammar GMR 26 LT Das Oberon
Expert Sniper SN4 CSMA 27 None
Extrajudicial Execution EJE 47 None
Field Communications Operator CM1 CSMA 28 None
Field Tactics Course FT CSMA 39 None
Forward Air Controller FAC IWATS 11 COL Robert Hogan
General Leadership LDR SA 18 COL Triji Boliv
Graduate of Letters and Arts Capstone Thesis CAP/GLA 0 None
Graduate of Starfighter Operations Capstone Thesis CAP/GSO IWATS 1 None
Heavy Weapons HW CSMA 14 COL Robert Hogan
History of Imperial Intelligence INTEL 57 LT Alexsandyr Blackwölfe
History of the Dark Lords DL SA 40 LC Vapen Van’an
History of the Galactic Civil War HIST 185 None
History of the Galactic Republic GR 39 LC Vapen Van’an
History of the Galaxy Prior to the Republic PRER 43 None
History of the Jedi Order Part 1 JO1 SA 28 None
History of the Mandalores MAND 13 LC Legion Ordo
History of the Mandalorians Part One MAN1 34 LC Legion Ordo
History of the Mandalorians Part Two MAN2 22 LC Legion Ordo
History of the Royal Guard RG SA 19 None
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 1 IIC/1 632 CPT Atashi Rain
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 2 IIC/2 460 CPT Atashi Rain
Imperial Naval Organization INO IWATS 50 None
Imperial Officer Training Course IO CSMA 33 None
Imperial Shield Technician IST 47 LC Honsou
Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology ISET IWATS 45 LC Honsou
Internet Analysis Course IA 26 CPT Atashi Rain
Jedi Academy Primer JA 5 None
Lightsaber Construction LSC SA 40 COL Aardvark
Lightsaber Techniques LST SA 28 COL Aardvark
Lightsaber: Training Saber TLC SA 26 COL Aardvark
Linux LIN 227 CPT Atashi Rain
Mandalorian Language MANL 14 LC Legion Ordo
Markdown MD 11 COL Robert Hogan
Military Intelligence Basic Course MI CSMA 20 None
Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards MCBS IWATS 111 FA Pickled Yoda
Multiplayer 2 MP/2 IWATS 86 None
Nature of the Darkside, Part I DS1 SA 14 COL Aardvark
Nature of the Darkside, Part II DS2 SA 10 COL Aardvark
Nature of the Darkside, Part III DS3 SA 9 COL Aardvark
Naval Stormtrooper Course SZ CSMA 15 None
Observer SN2 CSMA 54 None
Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood C/DB SA 102 LC Honsou
Poetry Studies POE 9 None
Radiation Trooper Survival Course SR CSMA 29 None
Scout Trooper Course STC CSMA 20 None
Small Arms SMA CSMA 23 None
Sniper SN3 CSMA 49 None
Squadron Management 6 SM/6 IWATS 13 CPT Sylas Pitt
Starfighter Maneuvers SFT IWATS 35 None
Starfighter Weapons SFW IWATS 77 LC Honsou
Steam Introduction STM 77 None
Superweapons SPW 21 None
Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion SERE 7 None
Systems: Aurora S-AU 13 CPT Sylas Pitt
Systems: Carrida and Lantare S-CL 10 CPT Sylas Pitt
Systems: Phare S-PH 8 CPT Sylas Pitt
Systems: Setii S-SE 9 CPT Sylas Pitt
The Tarkin Doctrine TD 35 CPT Sylas Pitt
TIE Corps Core TCCORE IWATS 3284 CPT Sylas Pitt
TIE Fighter TIE 58 COL Triji Boliv
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 3 TM/3 IWATS 25 FA Pickled Yoda
TIE Fighter Tactics TT IWATS 588 None
Tragedy Studies TRAG 9 None
Training Office Exam TOA 10 CPT Sylas Pitt
Unit Leadership UL 39 COL Triji Boliv
Urban Operations Course SU 11 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 1 VS1 CSMA 61 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 2 VS2 CSMA 47 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 3 VS3 CSMA 39 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 4 VS4 CSMA 35 None
Wiki Editing for Dummies WIKI IWATS 73 CPT Atashi Rain
Wookiee Studies WKS 37 None
Writing Debriefs WD 10 LT Das Oberon
Writing Fundamentals WRF 10 LT Das Oberon
X-Wing Advanced Knowledge XWAK IWATS 18 COL Triji Boliv
X-Wing Alliance Mission Design XAM IWATS 174 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing Mission Design XMD IWATS 27 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 1 XTM/1 IWATS 306 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Tactics XTT IWATS 370 None
XML XML 135 CPT Atashi Rain
Y-Wing Advanced Knowledge YWAK IWATS 28 COL Triji Boliv
Active Server Pages ASP 146 N/A
Advanced Crypto-Analysis ACA 0 N/A
Alvaak Clan History ALV 2 N/A
AOL Instant Messenger AIM 927 N/A
Arcona Clan History ARC 3 N/A
Artillery Basics ARTY1 CSMA 18 N/A
Basic Argumentation Course ARG/1 3 N/A
Basic Systems: Ghenna GHA 45 N/A
Basic Systems: Hades HAD 44 N/A
Basic Systems: Osiris OSS 37 N/A
Basic Systems: Thor THR 48 N/A
Battleteam Leadership BTL SA 6 N/A
BitchX BX 153 N/A
Burnination PYRO 2 N/A
Cannoneer ARTY2 0 N/A
Cascading Style Sheets CSS 48 N/A
Chief Gunner ARTY3 0 N/A
Combat Operations Exam COE IWATS 31 N/A
Corpsman MD2 0 N/A
Crypto-Analysis Course CA 10 N/A
Directorate Core C/DIR 30 N/A
Dreamweaver DW 33 N/A
Eggdrop BOT 90 N/A
Empire at War: Forces of Corruption FOC 0 N/A
Expeditionary Warfare EW 0 N/A
Expert Medic MD3 0 N/A
FileZilla FZ 24 N/A
Flash FLA 234 N/A
Freeworlds FW 145 N/A
Freeworlds Tactics FWT 19 N/A
Graduate of Naval Studies Capstone Thesis CAP/GNS IWATS 0 N/A
Graphics GFX 264 N/A
Hand Weapons General Knowledge WPN 312 N/A
History of House Qel-Droma HQD 1 N/A
History of Imperial Naval Organization HINO 11 N/A
History of the Krath Order KRATH 1 N/A
House Caliburnus History CAL 2 N/A
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 3 IIC/3 274 N/A
Imperial Command and Staff College ICSC 1 N/A
Imperial Infantry Officer Advanced Course AINF 0 N/A
Instructor INST 13 N/A
Internet Basics IBX 196 N/A
Interrogation Course INTC 1 N/A
JavaScript JS 111 N/A
Jungle Operations Certification Course SJ 2 N/A
Krath Phase II KRATH/2 16 N/A
Mass Tactics MT 0 N/A
Master Demolitions Technician DT4 CSMA 0 N/A
Master Gunner ARTY4 0 N/A
Master Stormtrooper Certification MSC CSMA 7 N/A
Master/Student Program MSP SA 1 N/A
Military Intelligence Advanced Course AMI CSMA 1 N/A
mIRC 1 M/1 925 N/A
mIRC 2 M/2 648 N/A
mIRC Scripting MS 43 N/A
Multiplayer 1 MP/1 IWATS 146 N/A
Naval Staff NS 3 N/A
Obelisk Phase II OBELISK 17 N/A
OPTing OPT 8 N/A
Pararescue MD4 0 N/A
Patrol Communicator CM3 0 N/A
Peacekeeping Operations Course PK 0 N/A
RebED R 3 N/A
Rebellion Tactics RT 318 N/A
Report Basics REP 4 N/A
Scholae Palatinae Clan HIstory CSP 1 N/A
Senior Demolitions Technician DT3 CSMA 4 N/A
Sith Phase II SITH SA 23 N/A
Special Forces Advanced Course SFA 0 N/A
Special Forces Qualification School SF 3 N/A
Specialist Signaller CM4 0 N/A
Squadron Management 1 SM/1 IWATS 26 N/A
Squadron Management 2 SM/2 IWATS 729 N/A
Squadron Management 3 SM/3 IWATS 509 N/A
Squadron Management 4 SM/4 IWATS 56 N/A
Squadron Management 5 SM/5 IWATS 89 N/A
Star Conflict SC 50 N/A
Star Wars RPG Character Creation CHAR 2 N/A
Star Wars RPG Stats RPG 6 N/A
Starfighter Weaponry SFWOLD 1 N/A
Stormtrooper Certification S CSMA 98 N/A
SW Galactic Battlegrounds SWGB 76 N/A
SW Galactic Battlegrounds Mission Creation SGBMC 170 N/A
Tactical Staff Course TACS IWATS 29 N/A
Taldryan Clan History TAL 3 N/A
Tarentum Clan History TAR 3 N/A
The Guide to Competitions and Medals of the DB GCM SA 0 N/A
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 1 TM/1 IWATS 326 N/A
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 2 TM/2 IWATS 10 N/A
Trillian TLN 123 N/A
Visual Basic Script VBS 216 N/A
Wing Management WM 139 N/A
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 2 XTM/2 IWATS 112 N/A